Sorry I haven’t been posting on my usual daily schedule, this week has been incredibly busy as transiting Mars begins to square my Libra stellium and transiting Pluto is racing back to embrace my little Capricorn Mars. Too much astrological information perhaps???

At any rate, Dharmaruci and I have evidently been a tag team as he posted on Tibet and Survivalism within a couple of days of my posts on these topics. I’m going to take a look at his chart of the Tibetan uprising and see what I can make of it. Meanwhile, he did write that the uprising evidently occurred during a Void Moon.

I’ve written several times of my disdain for the Void Moon, a disdain which is shared by many of my colleagues. However, many more of my colleagues embrace the concept and I am attempting to give it a second look using my trusty Planetary Guide from Llewellyn which is very easy to read. Unfortunately, though, I find that my life is too busy right now to really stop doing things when the moon is void of course (the period between the last lunar aspect to another planet and when it changes signs), and I also have not had time to evaluate the results of events in my life that occurred during the Void Moon. Adherents to the Void Moon theory report that events and projects begun while the moon is void do not come to fruition, that it is a good time for working with the unconscious but rather less beneficial for business or other ventures that are rooted in the material world.

I did notice that on Saturday when I went to the Raleigh Renaissance Faire to volunteer for the Network of Triangle Astrologers the Moon was void of course beginning at 2:30, and it did appear that there was a great deal of confusion in the booth regarding who was to read for whom and when. And that is when a big rainstorm sent most of the attendees fleeing for their cars. But it’s hard to connect that to the v/c Moon.

I am going to try to keep a closer eye on this topic, and perhaps you can all help me. I’ll start posting reminders of the next void moon period, and I’ll welcome comments on the outcome of projects begun during the void moon, or events that occurred during these times. I’ll compile the information and then we’ll have some interesting anecdotes if nothing else.


  • This morning between 12:56 am and before 9:06 am when the Moon enters Virgo.
  • Thursday 4/17 between 1:59 am and 6:10 pm when the Moon enters Libra.

Thanks for playing!

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