blood moon eclipse 2015This eclipse is being called the “shortest lunar eclipse in a century,” but it is quite powerful astrologically since it triggers both Uranus (radical behavior) and Pluto (destruction and regeneration) in a very tight aspect from both the Sun and Moon.  The Sun aligns with Uranus, fostering rebellion and a desire to separate from anything which holds us back, and Uranus opposes the Moon which creates a restless need for something to change.

(This eclipse falls on Passover and is called a Blood Moon which as a lunar tetrad is connected to Biblical prophecies about the fate of Israel.  You can read more about that here in an earlier article. For the astronomers view see this article on the Universe Today site.)

Eclipses occur when the lunar nodes align with the Sun and Moon, and because the lunar nodes are connected to the journey of our destiny from past to future there is a fated quality to eclipses in which something which has been hidden is revealed.

This is a Full Moon in Libra, and the Libra Moon opposes the Aries Sun setting off a polarity between Self (Aries) and Other (Libra).  The Libra Moon craves connection and the Aries Sun desires self-actualization so in the Full Moon we must strike a balance between these two opposites.

Pluto makes this balance difficult since it forms a T-square as it squares (90 degrees) both the Sun and the Moon, challenging both sides to seek the extremes of their expression.  Our conscious Self (Sun) wants to be MORE Arian – more assertive, more individualistic.  Our lunar emotional instincts attempt to flee from conflict and desire nothing but peace and harmony.  This is an eclipse, so in the effort to strike the necessary balance something in the psyche is likely to be unmasked.

Fortunately Mercury (conscious thought) makes beneficial aspects to Jupiter which helps us to remain aware of the bigger picture, but just after the eclipse Mercury begins to set off first Pluto (square formation) which intensifies our processing of all of the details in our lives, and then Uranus (conjunction) which activates the mind and opens up pathways to the higher mind and increased intuition.

This is a time when the mind must be open in order to take in the higher vibration information that is available to us now.  This eclipse offers an opportunity to complete the shift of the past seven years and close the door on the past while building a strong and powerfully creative future.



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