angelina jolie brad pittThis time it’s official: after seven years and six children, the stars of the glitterati have formalized their relationship and plan to marry.

I’m always struck by the significance of seven-year periods in relationships.  I first wrote about this back in 2006 in an article called “Astrology and the Seven-Year Itch.”  Relationships have birthdates just like people do, and after seven years Saturn comes to the first square in the cycle of aspects to Saturn in the relationship chart.  In addition, many people formalize their relationships under Saturn transits which tend to morivate us to want more stability and structure in our lives, so after seven years Saturn revisits those same issues.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt met on the set of their movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2004 when she was in the middle of her Saturn Return, the time at age 28-30 when Saturn returns to its place in our birthchart and we are forced to recognize that time is short and we need to begin to do something worthwhile with our lives.  At the time their relationship became public transiting Saturn was sitting right on Jolie’s Venus, preparing her for commitment.

During this same period Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time, was going through two stressful cycles affecting his Venus.  Venus is the planet that inspires affection and describes the way we relate to others and what we need in our relationships.  Transiting Saturn (disappointments, restriction) was opposing his natal Venus, which was putting pressure on his relationship and perhaps bestowing a sense of confinement.  At the same time his progressed Venus was opposing Pluto in his natal chart.  Pluto is the Great Transformer, and only the strongest of relationships will survive a cycle like this.  During any Venus/Pluto cycle we are likely to attract a relationship that hits us like a thunderbolt, and that appears to be what happened in this situation.

So now these two are at the next phase of these Saturn cycles and choosing to solidify their commitment by becoming engaged.  They are still not talking about marriage, and that is not surprising when you look at their composite chart (the chart of the relationship itself).  The composite chart has Uranus (planet of radical change and personal space and autonomy) sitting right on the Libran ascendant.  So while the relationship (Libra) is important, it will always have to have a unique flavor that plenty of personal space between the two.

Uranus has been transiting in opposition to the Uranus/ascendant conjunction in the composite chart since May of 2011 which is when the Jolie Pitts started talking about marriage.  Of course they were talking about NOT getting married until everyone could marry, which is a very Uranus/ascendant thing to say since Uranus desires justice and equality for all.

It will be interesting to see whether these two actually do tie the knot.  For more astrological profiles of the Jolie-Pitt phenomenon, you may enjoy this article and this follow-up.

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