Mars, the Warrior God, is approaching an opposition with Jupiter, the King God. Although the opposition won’t be exact until next week (January 13), we are already seeing the effects.

Mars represents our personal will and desire, it shows how we express ourselves aggressively and how we go about getting what we want. Jupiter represents our highest aspirations – our search for meaning and truth. When these two guys oppose each other the result is arrogance, braggadocio, and generally obnoxious behavior and increased aggression on the battlefield as well. Both are moving closer to Neptune which always tends to confuse the issues and create scapegoats, and as the intensity grows it will be unclear what directions things are really heading.

We are already seeing a marked increase in aggressive arrogance. In the news today we see:

  • Iran informing the UN that it intends to renew atomic fuel research and not showing up for a scheduled meeting with the Atomic Energy Agency;
  • Increased violence in Iraq with over 130 people killed in one day, one of the deadliest days since the invasion in 2003;
  • Russia’s angry reaction to the rebuke by Condoleeza Rice over gas controls in the Ukraine;
  • A potential uprising against the government in Syria;
  • Pat Robertson’s stupid remark that God smote Ariel Sharon and the angry reaction on all sides of the aisle;
  • David Letterman tells off Bill O’Reilly on national television (I really love this one – see the video at One Good Move).

Watch for the general atmosphere to become more aggressive, especially leading up toward the Full Moon on January 14. I expect these issues to become more explosive which could hopefully lead eventually toward real progress being made.

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