Uranus is currently traveling through the sign of Taurus until 2026.  Uranus represents a breaking free of old paradigms; disruption, radical change and revolutionary acts.  Taurus is the sign of physical comfort, material security, sensual enjoyment.  Read more about this cycle here

I came across this article recently and found it perfect to express some of what is going on with Uranus traveling through Taurus.  The author is talking about Fredrik Nietzsche’s “Overman” or “Ubermensch,” the hero archetype who transcends religious values to overcome the Self on his/her own.  This concept might be offensive to some readers and for that I apologize.  But the idea that in seeking comfort we often find ourselves stagnating in a life that no longer suits us is very relevant regardless of our religious views.

Each one of us has a different relationship with comfort as revealed in the natal astrological chart.  For the more fiery types with lots of Aries and Sagittarius and a strong Mars, comfort is an overrated limitation and adventure and risk and adventure is what makes them feel alive.  Earthy and watery types with Cancer, Virgo and Taurus planets are more likely to cherish material comforts and fear the very thought of expanding too far beyond the comfort zone.  Neither is better than the other, we are all just different.

That said, we can become stuck in our own comfort zones.  The adventurer can become stuck in the frenzy of always being on the move and never taking the time to face their own fears and emotions that may come when they are in one place to long.  The homebody can become stuck in the comfort of being surrounded by the things they love and never find the courage to stretch themselves beyond the familiar.

Under Uranus in Taurus, this shattering of the paradigm of our worldly comforts (Taurus) predominates.  When Uranus was last in Taurus in the 1930s, the world suffered through the Great Depression that began in 1929 and continually worsened after Uranus entered Taurus in 1934, leading eventually to World War II.  Astrological cycles sometimes work literally and sometimes metaphorically.  Sometimes a Uranus transit will lead to the breaking up of a marriage which hasn’t worked for some time, sometimes it will inspire us to quit our jobs and move across the country or around the world.  Sometimes it simply expands our consciousness, inspiring us to open our minds to greater possibilities and new ideas.

In any case, the current Uranus cycle offers an opportunity to break out of comfort zones which may limit our ability to traverse the landscape of our own hero’s journey.  For Carl Jung, the hero’s journey was a journey of self-integration, and I see this in my work with clients.  We all have natal astrological charts which set us up with a variety of conflicts which we ideally will learn to integrate and ultimately become a self-actualized human.



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