We have had a dearth of the fire element for quite a few months now.  Mars, the fire planet, was in the sign of Sagittarius in mid-January, but a stellium of planets in earthy Capricorn acted as a blanket to dampen the fire energy.  In practical terms, when there is adequate representation of the fire element among the planets, it becomes easier to access the motivation and inspiration of fire.  We have instead been under the influence of earth primarily, which is practical and good for creating structures and plans, especially in Capricorn which is the sign of achievement and success.

Over the past week or so, Mars (currently in Capricorn) has been traveling through the Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, and under the new reality of the Coronavirus which requires greater restriction (Saturn 29 degrees Capricorn) of movement (Mars), we have seen quite a few people rebelling against (Mars/Jupiter) the call for isolation.  Some countries are using police to keep people in their homes, and in my lifetime I have not seen such a powerful example of Saturn in Capricorn.

On the day I write this (March 23), we have just passed through the portal of the Vernal Equinox, the Aries point which is ruled by Mars. Mars has just traveled by Jupiter and Pluto and the Martian energy of aggression and fiery rhetoric as well as power struggles has been intense.  We have seen this in the struggle of governments around the world to agree on measures to try to contain the virus, and perhaps in our own homes as we spend more time together than we may be used to.

Into this mix comes the New Moon in Aries.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it is ruled by Mars.  I sometimes think it’s the most fiery of the fire signs because in Aries we find the pure expression of Mars: desire, need, adventure, courage, inspiration.  In today’s current climate we can use this Arian energy to fire up our enthusiasm, break through our lethargy, and muster up the courage to face an uncertain future.  Aries helps us to explore our hidden passions and unmasks the warrior within which can help us to fight through any obstacle.  Under the influence of Aries we are urged to focus a little more on our own needs and desires, within reason of course.

Aries, like its opposite sign Libra it is a sign that marks the beginning of a change of season and a balance point between light and darkness.  The days are of equal length at the equinoxes, but at the Aries point the dark gives way to light.  The fire of Aries inspires an opening of a portal of energy to fuel and fire the senses and bring about a shift in our attention and in the things that we find to be important to us.

This New Moon is locked in a square formation to the lunar nodes, and tightly aligned with Chiron, the planet of wounding, healing and mentorship.  There is an opportunity now to break through a major emotional or energetic block which may have kept us stuck, unable to wholly integrate into our highest selves.  We are living right now in a world in which we have no control, but we are the masters of our own thoughts, intentions and actions.  A fortunate trine from Venus in its own sign of Taurus to the Capricorn stellium (especially to Jupiter) can instill greater confidence and help us to restabilize.

Under this Aries New Moon we can begin to refocus in a way which is pure and powerful.  Questions to ask under this New Moon:

  • Where do I need to bring more courage into my life – where do I feel powerless and afraid?
  • Is there an emotional pattern which is keeping me from finding joy, where does this pattern come from, and how can I shift and release?
  • Imagining that I’m the master of the Universe, how would I envision the best outcome of today’s problems?  There is a great deal of power of the Will at work currently – fear will replicate quickly, and so will mastery and confidence.
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