Sorry – I couldn’t help myself! The Brain, of course, refers to the recent departure of Karl Rove who is commonly known as Bush’s Brain.

Nancy Sommers (Waterman) writes a biting commentary on the next few months of Bush’s Reign:

Unfortunately, Bush’s tendency to see the world as he wants it to be, through the rose-tinted lens of his neocon glasses, will completely obscure any rational thinking through October 2007, and to a lesser extent through the duration of his term. Recently, his jarring cheerfulness in the face of multiple abject failures and his self-aggrandizing fantasies of being lionized by history have been seen by others as increasingly disconnected from reality. With Bush’s progressed Moon square his natal Neptune from late September through October activating the peak month of the year-long solar arc progressed Ascendant conjunct Neptune, in addition to the transiting Jupiter square his natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction in October, we can expect Bush to be flying high during the next few months on grandiose delusions to which the rest of us who live in the reality-based world are not privy.

It is noteworthy that this comes just after a likely US expansion of military activity in the second and third weeks of September (Jupiter conjunct US Ascendant), as well as during a time when violence is likely to escalate in both Iraq and Pakistan (see below). With transiting Neptune opposing Bush’s natal Venus and sesquiquadrate his natal Neptune picking up again in late December 2007 through February 2008, and again from September through mid-November 2008, future periods when the White House Wizard thinks he has turned noxious weeds into an apple orchard are likely. But the curtain will rapidly drop on his inner fairy tales as his presidency reaches its final days, due to the fading of Neptune’s hallucinatory impact in his chart by late November 2008 and the growth of Saturn’s painful, earth-bound lessons and disillusionment at that time.

charts and the rest of the article here.

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