Show me someone who doesn’t believe that astrology works, and I’ll show you someone who reads newspaper horoscopes. If I had my way I would ban those stupid things from every publication across the globe! There is simply no way that you can predict someone’s future from their sun sign. The astrological makeup of each individual is very complex, and requires a great deal of analysis and synthesis to be able to draw any conclusions. So when skeptics say that people with the same sun signs are very different they are exactly right.

Although I have offered many skeptics the opportunity to have a free chart interpretation session, they have unanimously declined. However, I frequently see clients who drag in their spouse, their children or parents who don’t believe in astrology, yet leave with a new appreciation for the way we have been able to delve into the complexity of their personality and behavior. The fact is, astrology has worked for thousands of years and is even more accurate now with the new tools of computer calculations.

My mission in this blog is to expose the amazing insights offered by astrological investigations to people who otherwise might just not be interested. Astrology is a gift from the gods – a map to decode the intricacies of our psyche and provide a guide to navigate the difficult waters of our lives. I am always happy to discuss any questions you may have and offer free interpretations for skeptics! Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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