Cameron Diaz has reportedly told boyfriend Paul Sculfor that she’d rather be single, even though he’s moved his stuff into her Los Angeles home.  Cameron seems to shy away from romantic entanglements, and even during her long relationship with Justin Timberlake the two spent long periods of time apart and her friends reported that Cameron was unable to commit to the relationship.  She even admitted on the Ellen Degeneres show that she is commitment phobic.  So I wanted to take a look at and see what’s going on there.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is a Virgo, and we usually think of Virgos as being shy and retiring prudes who avoid the spotlight, but this kind of two-dimensional portrait is not always true for everyone.  Cameron’s Virgo Sun is conjunct Mars (the warrior planet) which gives her that dynamic energy that she is so famous for, along with a love of adventure and tomboy tendencies.  Mars is a masculine planet and gives Cameron that tomboy personality and a need to be the one in charge – the leader in the relationship.  She will never like being confined by another.

Cameron’s Moon (showing her emotional needs) is in Taurus, the sign of stability and security, so there is a part of her that craves a life of comfort and serenity.  The Taurus moon can also be stubborn, inflexible, and easily threatened and Cameron’s Moon is squared by Mercury which reveals an inner conflict between the mind (Mercury) and the heart (Moon).  This can make it more difficult for her to make rational decisions and her heart often leads her with her head likely often following in regret.

She has a strong nurturing quality, with Venus in the home-loving sign of Cancer.  She loves to cook for a big group of people, and she is strongly family oriented like most Cancer types are.  Venus shows the way we express our love and the types of relationships we need, and Cameron needs to feel she is taking care of others, and that they are nurturing her as well.  But her Venus is squared by Uranus, the planet of revolution and radical behavior.  When the planet of rebellion conflicts with the goddess of love, the result is an independent person who needs a tremendous amount of autonomy.  This results in a commitment conflict between the Cancerian family orientation of her Venus and the radical independence of Uranus.

This kind of conflict is not uncommon, and I see it every day in my clients.  The trick is managing our life so that we are able to be able to fulfill both sides of ourselves and find both the independence and the ability to remain connected with others.  The conflict is more stressful in Cameron’s chart because Venus is also squared by Chiron (wounding and healing), denoting that relationships can be both painful and her greatest healers.

The sign Virgo is named after the Virgin, which in ancient times meant “unmarried” rather than chaste.  It is a characteristic of Virgo to be able to spend long periods of time without a partner until just the right partner is found.  Jupiter has been opposing Cameron’s Venus since March of this year, expanding (Jupiter) her relationship possibilities and providing lots of alternatives.  You may remember from your mythology that Jupiter did not like to settle down with just one woman, and during this period Cameron will be even more independent than is usual.  This transit is coinciding with a longer planetary cycle involving Uranus which tends to want us to keep all of our options open.

Transiting Pluto began a square to Pluto in Cameron’s chart back in January.  This is a challenging 2-3 year cycle called the Pluto Square that occurs for everyone, these days at about age 36-38 making it the first of the “midlife crisis transits.”  The Pluto Square is a time of challenge and difficulty, as Pluto dredges up old unresolved emotions, dramas, painful feelings, and power struggles.  Often we face death during the Pluto square, and sometimes that takes the form of the death of a parent.  As Pluto moved back to the second phase of this difficult cycle Cameron’s father died unexpectedly earlier this year, and shortly afterwards Cameron was reportedly hospitalized for stress.

It’s the difficult times that bring us the most significant times of empowerment, and that is no less true of celebrities.

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