Astrological update for July 3-10, 2023

Monday’s Capricorn Full Moon sets the stage for a week of mental gymnastics. During every Full Moon, we encounter the need to harmonize opposing energies since the Sun resides in a sign opposite to that of the Moon. This balance entails reconciling our inner and outer worlds, merging our home and work lives, and reconciling our emotions with our responsibilities. In each Full Moon, the luminous emotional realm overshadows rational thinking and awareness, but in this particular Full Moon, the Moon finds itself in a sign associated with practical matters, while the Sun resides in a sign associated with emotions and feelings. Complicating matters further is the fact that Mercury, planet of the mind, is conjunct the Cancer Sun, the sign of the heart.

Under these influences we may discover some tension between the realm of feelings and the filter of intellect – Full Moons are oppositions of polarities and all oppositions require balance and integration. Thinking and writing about our feelings, and then finding practical ways to manifest our deepest hopes and conquer our fears will aid us in the process of bringing disparate elements of thought and feeling into a cohesive whole.

Mercury is very busy this week, and a busy Mercury means lots of thinking, planning, discussion, communicating. The first part of the week is not great for dreaming and creativity because we are running our energies predominantly through the mind. This will shift a bit when the Moon enters Pisces on Thursday July 6th at 5:32 pm EDT and a little later in the week Mercury will harmonize (trine) to Neptune and open the portals of imagination.

Next week we have Mercury and Mars changing signs and a bit more activity, so stay tuned for that! 💖

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