They say that bloggers should never apologize for a lack of posts, but some of you have been with me for years and the past few months is the first time I have ever gone more than a few days without posting.  It turns out that losing your mother is harder than I thought, and when you combine that with a resurgent real estate market (in my other life I own a small real estate company), there has literally been no time to breathe.

All of this really combined to create an incredibly challenging Mercury retrograde period for me.  Usually I sail through with a laugh – “oh yes, Mercury is retrograde.  Of course these things are happening!”  Mercury has been in Pisces, and I had anticipated that the Pisces retrograde would be less challenging because Pisces tends to go with the flow and find ways to swim around obstacles.  Perhaps it’s just because my fingers are in so many pies right now – fixing up my mother’s house, working my real estate business, trying to take care of a limited number of astrology clients – over the past few weeks I have felt I was swimming through a morass of twisting tides that lead nowhere in particular but have kept me from making progress.

Whenever there is an experience like this, where confusion seems to reign, you can nearly always look to Neptune.  Neptune purposefully casts a cloud over your life and makes it difficult to see.  The purpose of this cloud is to encourage one to look within to a more transcendent experience of life and an awakening to a consciousness that supersedes the day to day world.  My progressed Moon right now is nearing an exact alignment with Neptune, and my soul has been crying out for connection.  “You cannot control this material world,” Neptune says, laughing.  “Let go and come with me.  All of your important details and things to do will be taken care of – let go and come with me to an experience of inner peace.”

Ha!  Try telling that to someone with Saturn on the Sun and Mars in Capricorn –  geared towards manipulating the physical world to accomplish specific goals and objectives.  But the planets are teachers – they don’t give up easily.  “You won’t let go?  Here is a murky mist that makes it impossible for you to control your life.  Surrender for just a moment and be aware of the peace of the breath that flows, like the ocean, in and out.”  In those moments there is magic.  In the stillness of the moment, with life churning around us, we see that we create these realities with our minds and we can direct their flow just as easily from a place of relaxation as a place of stress.

Mercury retrograde periods are designed for this, and when you combine Neptune with a Pisces Mercury retrograde there is no other option other than to let go and learn to trust.  I know from working with my clients that cultivating trust in the Universe to coordinate and unfold exactly what is needed is one of the hardest things to do.  Sometimes we just have to be hit over the head and be forced to find that trust because there is no other option.

There is quite a bit going on now astrologically, and we are headed into the second phase of the Uranus/Pluto square so I hope that I am beginning to find my voice again.  Meanwhile I wish you all peace in the knowledge that the twists and turns of our lives really do bring us closer to Truth and Knowledge and greater peace of mind and heart.

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