2021 reader survey, and how I am changing things

Thanks to everyone who filled out the reader survey! Over 655 people responded which gave me a pretty good sense of what my readers are looking for and that inspired me to make a few changes.  I made a little video about how things are changing which I’ll post below.  Here’s the short version:

  • The monthly Planetary Illuminations report will remain exactly the same.
  • I’ll be posting a weekly forecast on Sunday afternoons – not a video, but a written forecast with a general overview and the daily details.
  • The daily forecast will be much shorter, with art of course!
  • I hope to do more old-fashioned blogging – posting about things I’m interested in, profiles of people in the news, and more in-depth articles about the bigger planetary cycles.
  • There will be some videos but I’m still working out what exactly will inspire me.

Thanks again for your input, and I hope you will enjoy these changes. ❤️


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Privacy and the ethics of blogging

As an astrological counselor, I am a strong believer in the privacy of the clients who come to me for a consultation. I will never mention in casual conversation that so-and-so came to me for a reading, nor do I discuss the contents of their charts with others. So I was mortified to learn that a certain planetary combination recently discussed in this column was recognized by that client’s astrologer friends.

There is so much that we can learn about astrology through the charts of others; yet in an environment like the web which is so public extra care must be taken to maintain the privacy of individuals. I had not realized that the web of readers of this column was so intimate and so knowledgeable that they would recognize an individual through a few words about a planetary aspect.

So be assured, dear readers and clients, that from this point forth I shall not post a single word about the charts of individuals whom I know personally without first obtaining their express permission. As much as I value the ability to teach astrology through these examples, I value your privacy more and will continue to make that a priority.

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