Cardinal drama in the news

I share this not to frighten you, but to demonstrate the power of the current planetary conflict.

  • Germany’s “Love Parade” festival turns into a nightmare after police (Saturn) tried to stop revelers from entering the area of the parade and were unable to control (Pluto) the crowd (Jupiter/Uranus). read more here.
  • Al Qaeda plants a flag in Baghdad after the murder of 23 Iraqi military fighters, demonstrating that the Uranus in Aries revolution is at hand. read more here.
  • Personal details of 100 million Facebook users have been published in a downloadable file on the internet. The square of Saturn (restriction) to Pluto (control) is being hammered by Mars, Jupiter and Uranus – all of the freedom and liberation planets, knocking the lid of any effort to enforce control of any kind right now. read more here.
  • This same influence is at work with the leak of classified Pentagon documents concerning the war in Afghanistan.

So be careful this weekend!  There’s a lot of energy stirring about and it can be used for positive transformational work if we stay aware and conscious.

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Cardinal Drama: Biggest intel leak in history

As Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto align in the big Cardinal Drama that is 2010’s biggest astrological story, a shocking revelation of 90,000 classified intelligence report concerning the war in Afghanistan have  been leaked via the Wikileaks website: — a whistleblower website — published on Sunday what it says are more than 90,000 United States military and diplomatic reports about Afghanistan filed between 2004 and January of this year.

The first-hand accounts are the military’s own raw data on the war, including numbers killed, casualties, threat reports and the like, according to Julian Assange, the founder of the website.

“It is the total history of the Afghan war from 2004 to 2010, with some important exceptions — U.S. Special Forces, CIA activity, and most of the activity of other non-U.S. groups,” Assange said.

read more here…

More on the astrological significance later, but I wanted to post this story asap.

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The astrology of the Horizon oil rig explosion

oil rig explosion

A deepwater oil rig off the coats of Louisiana has burned for more than a day.  Eleven workers are missing and it is thought that over a million liters of crude oil could be released from the damaged rig every day.  The oil slick that has resulted is now eight miles long.  This calamity will destroy the delicate ecological balance of this area that is home to a variety of shellfish and fish including the rare bluefin tuna.

Ceres, the former asteroid that was elevated to dwarf planet status when it was reclassified with Pluto, is the planet that rules our relationship to the environment and the planet that we live on.  (For more information on Ceres listen to the first half of this recent podcast.)  Ceres is currently traveling in the early degrees of Capricorn, the sign of rules and structures and facing up to difficult realities.

Pluto is retrograde right now in Capricorn, and is currently just one degree from a conjunction to Ceres.  In its role as destroyer and rebuilder, Pluto often creates destruction as a precursor to regeneration, and in association with Ceres it is deeply connected to the myth of Persephone/Kore, the daughter of Demeter/Ceres who was abducted by Pluto and taken into the Underworld.

The elevation of Ceres has brought about a new global awareness about the needs for environmental balance.  Perhaps this explosion (Pluto) will facilitate even greater awareness about our tenuous ecological balance (Ceres).

Update:  astrologer Jamie Funk reminds me that Uranus is in an exact quincunx to Neptune as it opposes Saturn.  The quincunx is a minor aspect but when it forms exactly it creates a pressure that has no way to release. […]

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The Mysterious Balloon Boy Case

As the world knows by now, 6-year old Falcon Heene’s parents called 911 emergency services on October 15, 2009 to report that young Falcoln had been abducted by an errant helium balloon.  The 911 call reported that Falcon had taken off in a homemade flying saucer, and the operator was skeptical from the beginning.  New details (it’s TMZ, but still…) report that Falcon’s father, Richard Heene, called the FAA first and then called a local TV station BEFORE calling 911.  The family wanted a news helicopter to follow the balloon.
The child was found that afternoon in a cardboard box in the garage.  In the “out of the mouths of babes” department, when asked on the Larry King show why Falcon didn’t leave the garage, and his parents repeated the question to him, Falcon said “you guys said that we did this for the show.”  That led to a very strong suspicion of a hoax which was confirmed on October 18.
I would love to see the father’s chart as he seems to be the driver of this fun ride.
I found a date of birth (9/11/1961, no time or place indicated) for Falcon’s father, RIchard Alan Heene Jr. on a website that exposes federal and state tax liens on a variety of individuals and companies.  I have no idea how accurate this information is, but it lists a wealth of information about the Heenes including tax liens and judgments going back to 1995.
This chart, which I emphasize is unreliable until it is confirmed elsewhere, reveals a Virgo Sun which one would not expect in this kind of individual who clearly has a hunger for fame, but it is unaspected (meaning it makes no aspect to any other planets in the chart).  The Sun represents the Self, the […]
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White House email: Mars/Mercury in action

It was only Friday that I wrote:

Mercury is the planet that rules over communication, the transmission of information and the operation of small machinery, and for the next week or so it will be under stress, potentially causing disruptions in the way we communicate with others and the smooth operation of business. …

Mars is the planet that stimulates desire and passion, and it is in Mercury’s other sign of Gemini.  A heightened intensity in communication is one of the hallmarks of Mars in Gemini and we are certainly seeing this with the fervor exhibited in the Town Hall meetings over healthcare that began last week when Mars (aggression) made a square to Saturn (authority figures)..

Today hysteria erupted on Fox News over unsolicited emails from the White House regarding health care reform.  In a press conference on August 13, a correspondent from Fox News, Major Garrett, asked press secretary Robert Gibbs about complaints Fox had received regarding unsolicited email from the White House.  Gibbs asked Garrett whether he had the email addresses that were the subject of the complaint so that he could check those addresses against the White House distribution list, and Fox News has distorted this to appear that the White House has a list that targets dissenters and sends them unsolicited propaganda emails.

This story actually began last week, when Senator John Cornyn reacted to a request from the  White House Director of New Media to report “fishy” emails about health insurance reform to a special email address.  Cornyn wrote to President Obama of his concerns about what he called a “White House program to monitor” the speech of American citizens.

The fervor over free speech that has suddenly erupted with the Town Hall hysteria and the flak over emails from the White House is consistent with the planetary aspects […]

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