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Thoughts on the astrology of the remainder of 2020

I was asked to create a video for the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship on the astrology for the remainder of 2020, and I thought that was a great idea in light of how the entire world has changed since I wrote my forecast for 2020.  Here it is for you!  If you like these videos please subscribe to the channel.  Sorry, there is no transcription for this video but I hope you enjoy it anyway. ❤️


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Pluto turns retrograde, beginning a major year of retrograde activity

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Pluto turns retrograde on April 25, 2020.  That in itself is not unusual since Pluto, along with all of the outer planets, spends about half the year in retrograde motion.  What IS unusual is that this year we will have between five and seven planets retrograde for five months.

About retrogrades

Retrogradation occurs because we observe the movement of planets from our perspective on earth and sometimes, because of the varying speeds at which the planets hurtle around the Sun, they appear to move backwards.  When a planet is seen to be retrograde its astrological function alters somewhat.  The affairs of that planet become more personalized, more significant on an individual level.  Most people now are familiar with the phenomenon of Mercury retrograde which occurs for three weeks about four times a year, during which time matters of communication and anything involving messaging are potentially more chaotic and disrupted.

Traditionally, retrograde planets have been considered to be debilitated, or weakened, and there is no doubt that for some individuals a high number of retrograde planets correlates with failures and extreme introversion.  Philosophical astrology often differs from observational astrology, when instead of relying on the philosophies of others we are able to learn how planetary constellations influence humans by observing these behaviors in actual clients. I have had clients with five or six retrograde planets who were successful, but also introspective and who enjoyed a rich interior life of great meaning.

Neil Michelson’s Table of Planetary Phenomena is a handy reference, telling us that zero planets are retrograde about 9% of the time, but five planets retrograde only occurs about 6% of the time and six only 1%.  (These statistics do not include Chiron, but I am […]

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The meaning of Saturn in Aquarius

art by Krystle Marie Smith

Before we can understand the meaning of Saturn in Aquarius, we need to understand Saturn’s role in human existence.  This is especially important because as the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is said to be in its domicile in Aquarius (as well as in Capricorn).

Understanding astrological Saturn

Before the discovery of the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (not to mention Chiron, the asteroids, and all of the other points that are now used to some extent by astrologers) there were seven planets and lights: the Sun, the Moon, and the five visible planets.  Saturn marked the outermost boundary of the solar system, and was surrounded by rings of containment.  These physical attributes reflect the astrological depiction of Saturn as governing limitations, physical boundaries such as gateposts and doorways, and the limitations we place on ourselves through self-doubt and fears.  Saturn was traditionally viewed as the Lord of Death – unlike the modern planet Pluto, which is associated with death as the ending of one aspect of life and the beginning of something new, death under Saturn is finite and final.

Saturn (in the northern hemisphere where astrology developed) is associated with the two zodiac signs of winter: Aquarius and Capricorn: mid-December through mid-February.  These are cold and dark times, where social isolation and the lack of sun can lead to depression and loneliness, other attributes of Saturn.  And yet Saturn is also a treasure trove of material success – the hard work of Saturn leads us eventually to mastery of the material world and the potential for an abundance of riches. Under the influence of Saturn we are sometimes weighted down with responsibility and a relentless drive for career […]

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Musings on the Coronavirus

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Over the years I have studied a great deal of correlations between historical events and the associated planetary configurations.  Often there are clear connections that are easily described.  The conjunction of Uranus (radical change) to Pluto (destruction and regeneration) in the mid to late 1960s is one example – it’s easy to see how this planetary combination correlated with the dramatic social upheavals during that decade.  Same thing with the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto between 2010 and 2017.

To prepare for this article I wanted to see what other astrologers said about the Coronavirus.  Several astrologers say “this is definitely the result of Uranus in Taurus,” creating sudden changes (Uranus) in the stability of our world (Taurus).  One says “it’s the lunar nodes shifting into Gemini/Sagittarius” (by the way, this doesn’t happen until May 2020).  One says it’s because Mars was in Scorpio when the first case was announced, and Mars rules death in traditional astrology and is in its domicile where it is most powerful.  Frankly, none of these explanations really make sense to me.

For the past year I and many other astrologers have been predicting some sort of crisis to occur when Saturn and Pluto collided in January.  Neptune has been in its own sign of Pisces since 2012, where it is associated with flooding, addiction, conspiracy theories, and mysterious illnesses with no apparent cause or cure.  We are certainly seeing this with the Coronavirus.  Where did it originate? How is it transmitted? There is no known answer to these questions – all very Neptunian.  At the same time, Saturn and Pluto converged in mid-January of this year, on the exact date that the first death from the mysterious new virus was announced (the illness began to appear in Wuhan in December […]

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Compression and release: 2020 cycles of Jupiter to Neptune and Pluto

Thanks to Bibliophilia for the art

There are two cycles of significance involving Jupiter this year, one is a harmonious sextile to Neptune and the other a challenging conjunction to Pluto.

Jupiter has been in Capricorn since early December when it joined a cluster of Capricorn planets for an earthy dose of realism and practicality.  Briefly, Jupiter  teaches us to expand our horizons and to learn the value of positive thinking; under Jupiter’s influence we gain new confidence and the ability to trust that life is carrying us in just the right direction. When poorly aspected, Jupiter can inflict a reckless and overconfident approach to life resulting in complacency, but it’s safe to say that this virtually never occurs when Jupiter is in Capricorn where the expansive principle of Jupiter must operate within the confines of Capricornian structure.

On February 20th, 2020 Jupiter will make the first of three harmonious sextiles to Neptune.  Jupiter is related to Neptune through their shared rulership of Pisces, but where Jupiter is a personal planet and rules in the personal realm, Neptune is a transpersonal and transformational planet.  The combination of Jupiter and Neptune, linked in harmony, has the potential to bring out our best selves and put all of our creative imagination to work (after all, Jupiter is in Capricorn so some work must be done!).  This is a lovely aspect full of divine inspiration and optimism that will help to ameliorate some of the darkness we’ve passed through with the heavy emphasis of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  [Update 3/20/20: It’s been called to my attention that under the spell of the Coronavirus we have not been able to glean the benefits of […]

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