Sunday Poetry: Journey to the Interior

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This week marks the turning point of the massive retrograde cycles.  We peak with seven retrograde planets on September 9th when Mars turns retrograde, but then on the 12th Jupiter turns direct and the numbers begin to diminish. 

All of these retrogrades have forced us to stay in one place, in a quarantine of the soul as well as the body as we struggle to make sense of what is happening in the world, and in our own lives.  I love this poem for this reason – if we view this period as an opportunity to live a more soulful life, with greater connections to our own inner beings, it becomes a transformative time in which everything emerges the same, but nothing is the same.

There are similarities
I notice: that the hills
which the eyes make flat as a wall, welded
together, open as I move
to let me through; become
endless as prairies; that the trees
grow spindly, have their roots
often in swamps; that this is a poor country;
that a cliff is not known
as rough except by hand, and is
therefore inaccessible. Mostly
that travel is not the easy going
from point to point, a dotted
line on a map, location
plotted on a square surface
but that I move surrounded by a tangle
of branches, a net of air and alternate
light and dark, at all times;
that there are no destinations
apart from this.
There are differences
of course: […]
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Sunday poetry: One Easy Step to Enlightment

This beautiful poem fits in so perfectly for the times we are living in today.  I hope you enjoy it!

First off, and I do mean first
You know in your heart
that the times are changing
Oh so much slower than we thought
and you know in your heart
that the good guys and the bad guys
don’t know any more than you what’s going on
End of the World?
End of Time?
I’m here to tell you
and yes that is my job
It doesn’t matter.

This moment and only this moment, matter
It is your heart, your very soul
that will shape this moment
and when we, together
Awaken to the idea
that is this moment
we will reach out
without any thought for
what’s in it for us
without any notion of our need
but reach out in one infinitesimal
for no other reason than to
In the Moment

–Krev Roues

Thanks to Inspiration Peak for this beautiful poem.

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Sunday inspiration: Invocation to Gaia

“Mother Earth” by Jeness Cortez Perlmutter

With Uranus, planet of radical action, turning retrograde this week in Taurus, the sign associated with Earth and her many treasures and pleasures, I thought this poem by John Seed would be an appropriate offering for our Sunday inspiration post. ❤️

Invocation to Gaia

We ask for the presence of the spirit of Gaia and pray that the breath of life continue to caress this planet home.

May we grow into true understanding ― a deep understanding that inspires us to protect the tree on which we bloom, and the water, soil and atmosphere without which we have no existence.

May we turn inwards and stumble upon our true roots in the intertwining biology of this exquisite planet. May nourishment and power pulse through these roots, and fierce determination to continue the billion-year dance.

May love well up and burst forth from our hearts.

May there be a new dispensation of pure and powerful consciousness and the charter to witness and facilitate the healing of the tattered biosphere.

We ask for the presence of the spirit of Gaia to be with us here. To reveal to us all that we need to see, for our own highest good and for the highest good of all.

We call upon the spirit of evolution, the miraculous force that inspires rocks and dust to weave themselves into biology. You have stood by us for millions and billions of years — do not forsake us now. Empower us and awaken in us pure and dazzling creativity. You that can turn scales into feathers, seawater to blood, caterpillars to butterflies, metamorphose our species, awaken in us the powers that we need to survive the present crisis and evolve into more aeons of our solar journey.

Awaken in us a sense of who […]

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Sunday Poetry: In the silent breath

photo by Todd Wise

In times like these in which we have very little control over the outcome, finding a space where life still has meaning is critical to our ability to persevere.  This is an excerpt of a wonderful poem from Rumi.

How does a part of the world leave the world?
How can wetness leave water?

Don’t try to put out a fire
by throwing on more fire!
Don’t wash a wound with blood!

No matter how fast you run,
your shadow more than keeps up.
Sometimes, it’s in front!

Only full, overhead sun
diminishes your shadow.

But that shadow has been serving you!
What hurts you, blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest.

I can explain this, but it would break
the glass cover on your heart,
and there’s no fixing that.

You must have shadow and light source both.
Listen, and lay your head under the tree of awe.

The soul lives there in the silent breath.

Mevlâna Jalâluddin Rumi

from The Essential Rumi, Expanded Edition.

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Sunday poetry: The gentle voice at the heart of your life

In today’s times of crises, the “enchanting veils of illusion” to which he refers are being forcefully removed from our lives, leaving us to grapple with the question of what is left – what is important for us to take into our lives going forward.  There is a simplicity in this that is magical.  It’s the reason that spiritual ascetics such as monks and nuns retreat into ashrams and convents so that they can come more closely into contact with that essence of spirituality.  

The Moon is nearing its fullness in Aquarius, the sign of dramatic change and a radical departure from that which is already known.  Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, challenges the Full Moon in a square aspect which demands that we release the past to the caverns of time and live authentically in the Now. Once more the late John O’Donohue speaks to the heart of the matter. 

The Voice of Your Own Soul

When you take the time to draw on your listening-imagination, you will begin to hear this gentle voice at the heart of your life. It is deeper and surer than all the other voices of disappointment, unease, self-criticism and bleakness. All holiness is about learning to hear the voice of your own soul. It is always there and the more deeply you learn to listen, the greater surprises and discoveries that will unfold.

To enter into the gentleness of your own soul changes the tone and quality of your life. Your life is no longer consumed by hunger for the next event, experience or achievement. You learn to come down from the treadmill and walk on the earth. You gain a new respect for yourself and others […]

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