The Virgo New Moon and a choice for the future

photo by Mary McIntyre

Virgo is what we call a mutable sign – it’s the third in a series of signs that begin with the June solstice in Cancer and prepares us for the turning of the next season as we shift into Libra the September equinox.  The dance of the “modalities” as they are called always begins at the entry into a new season with a cardinal sign of action.  The second sign is of the “fixed” nature and teaches endurance and patience.  The last sign before the seasonal shift is “mutable” – these energies enable us to let go and make that transition into the next season as marked by the solstices and the equinoxes.

The Virgo New Moon is not only the passage point to the September equinox, it also marks the end of the first half of the zodiac which focuses primarily on the personal.  In the second half we are more focused on interaction with the outer world.
Virgo teaches us to create order from chaos.  Under the influence of Virgo we learn to manage the details that are required of humans who live in a physical body, such as personal hygiene and the need to work in order to keep food on the table and a roof over our head.  At this Virgo New Moon, a new lunar cycle, we can more easily begin a new organizational routine or exercise/nutrition program to support us in the changes that are coming.
And come they will – we are in the middle of so many different evolutionary changes.  Climate change. Political change.  And not […]
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The refreshing mysteries of the Pisces Full Moon

This Full Moon in Pisces is a watery pool of magic!  In Pisces we see through the heart and the soul, using our amazing creative intelligence to unwrap gifts of consciousness from the Universal Mind. However, with the Pisces Moon opposite the Virgo Sun we may lose sight momentarily of the worldly details (Virgo) that keep us rooted on Planet Earth.  Pisces is a sign of magic and imagination, as well as mysticism and spirituality.  Under its influence we seek to merge into a feeling of bliss and unity with the One, but it can also be somewhat destabilizing in its watery call to realms unknown.  However, there is a great deal of Earth energy in the skies right now, with three planets in Capricorn and the Virgo Sun providing a balance point to help ground the Piscean mysticism into a mundane form to which we can more easily relate.

Embedded in the chart of the Full Moon is a harmonious trine from Uranus, planet of innovation and change, to the Sun (and a sextile to the Moon.  This Uranian aspect helps to break up a little of the earthy practicality and offers a taste of liberation and an opportunity for a paradigm shift. A trine from Mercury to Saturn offers even greater stability and diligent patience to assist in crystallizing the Piscean experience into something we can make practical use of.

We do have some potential stress from a challenging aspect between Venus (relating) and both Mars (self-orientation) and Saturn (solitude and tension) which could make personal relationships somewhat more difficult if we expect too much from others during this Full Moon.  Venus aspects typically last just a day or so, but when embedded in a lunar chart they […]

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The meaning of this month’s New Moon in Leo, August 18 2020

The New Moon takes place August 18th, at 10:41 pm Eastern time when the Sun and the Moon converge at 26 degrees Leo.  The symbolism of the New Moon has always struck me, since the actual New Moon occurs not when the first crescent makes its appearance, but when the Moon is invisible in the sky, obscured by the light of the Sun.  When the Moon is dark, we are able to see the stars at night, and the creatures of the night make themselves known. The dark Moon is the Balsamic Moon – a time of endings, letting go, and releasing the old before the Moon is new again at the conjunction to the Sun.

Each new lunar cycle offers an opportunity to begin anew, and we have left the season of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and now find ourselves in Leo, the realm of the Sun.  The Leo New Moon is a symbolic time to turn our attention to the Self, as Leo’s purpose is to find the highest expression of our best Selves.  Not the small self, with its petty needs and wants, but the larger Self which has much to share with the world.  Leo is also the sign of royalty, encouraging us to fulfill the role that was served by kings and queens in ancient times of bridging the gap between humanity and the gods.  There is a nobility to Leo and a deep inner sense of importance that walks a tightrope between the healthy ego and attachment to the gratification of the ego.  Leo also suggests the beauty of the divine child.

This New Moon in Leo includes a tight conjunction to Mercury (planet of the mind), something traditional astrologers call “combust.”  This […]

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Aquarius Full Moon, August 3 2020: Time for re-evaluation

The Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle – from their meeting at the New Moon which forges a new beginning in a sign on the zodiac trail, the Sun and Moon move through the dance of the lunar phases.  At the first quarter phase, when the Sun squares the Moon in a 90 degree aspect, an adjustment is usually required.  At the Full Moon we have reached the culmination before the waning phase where the lunar influence of emotion and instinct opposes the solar impulse of consciousness.  At this stage, illusions must fall away and we face an important truth in the journey.  After the Full Moon, the waning phase begins where we let go of anything that is no longer needed and prepare for the new start at the next New Moon.

When the Moon is full in Aquarius, our eyes are opened to a new way of looking at the world.  Aquarius brings innovation and a need for authenticity- we become hyper aware of injustice and driven to make important changes.  The Aquarius Full Moon is opposite the Leo Sun which seeks to aggrandize and enhance the individual Self where Aquarius disdains the personal for the sake of the collective,

This  Full Moon demands detachment and awareness – there is a strongly mental quality to Aquarius (co-ruled by Uranus, the “higher octave” of Mercury as well as Saturn, its traditional ruler).  In addition, the Sun and Moon are both locked in a square to Uranus which multiplies the Uranian effect of paradigm-busting radical change. At its best Uranus frees us from the trappings of the past – it shows us where our lives have become stale and drab and opens […]

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Second New Moon in Cancer featuring the Comet Neowise

photo from Nunzio Micale, via David Crook

On July 20th we have a New Moon in Cancer, the second concurrent Cancerian New Moon.  This is fairly unusual and can only happen when the first New Moon is at the very early degrees of a sign, with the second coming 28 degrees later.  The New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and typically the New Moon progresses through the signs each year along with the Sun so we tend to go from Aries at or after the Vernal Equinox through the zodiac, with each sign building on the sign before.  For example, at the Aries New Moon we learn the art of initiating an adventure, but then in Taurus we learn to find comfort in stability.

The New Moon in Cancer offers an opportunity to connect more deeply to our inner self – our physical home and the place within where we feel at home.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the emotional heart; the softness and vulnerability of the inner child. Cancer is associated with the family and our ancestral lineage as well as history in general.  Our histories define our early lives, especially in childhood, and then over time we learn to find a way to extend ourselves into the outer world under the auspices of Cancer’s opposite sign Capricorn.

The New Moon at the Summer Solstice marked a new significant beginning – it was a solar eclipse at the zero point of Cancer, conjunct the Solstice Sun.  This week’s New Moon (conjunction of the Sun and Moon) is at 28 degrees of Cancer, exactly opposite Saturn (tests and challenges) which is currently retrograde in Capricorn, and more widely opposite […]

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