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Planetary news this week: The pressure releases

For me, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has felt like a vise of intense energy, putting on the squeeze until I finally let go.  For others, there have been life difficulties and changes such as Meghan Markle, whose chart is personally affected by the eclipse and the conjunction falling right on her ascendant, the need for change has been extreme.

As I have written before, events that occur during a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto usually leave a lasting effect and we may not know what that effect is until much later.  This conjunction has been particularly intense because of last week’s eclipse, and on Monday January 13th the Sun and Ceres line up exactly with Saturn and Pluto.  The presence of Ceres, the goddess of the nourishment of the Earth, suggests that our relationship to the Earth, including issues of population and climate change, is a critical piece of this Saturn/Pluto drama.  The intensity of the pressure of Saturn and Pluto will begin to fade, but the difficult questions and hard choices are likely to linger for at least another week or two.

The presence of the new planet Eris is likely to be significant too.  Eris represents discord – like the golden apple which started the Trojan War, Eris seems to represent the small events which create lasting chaos and transformation.  Eris is currently within a degree from an exact square to Saturn and Pluto, and as the Sun, Mercury and Ceres move through the degrees of that exact square to Eris these planets “translate” the alignment between Eris, Saturn and Pluto.  Continued chaos is likely, and on January 16th the square between Saturn and Eris […]

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Important planetary news this week: The conjunction of Saturn to Pluto, a contraction of major proportions

Image result for the only house standing in mexico beachThe best thing that can be said about the upcoming conjunction of Saturn to Pluto is that the exact alignment only occurs one time.  Saturn is a personal planet and operates in the personal realm, challenging us to face our responsibilities and work diligently towards our goals and often testing us in various ways to increase our emotional and physical endurance.  Pluto is a transpersonal planet; its influence can be more ruthless in its pressure to create and support personal transformation.  Saturn makes things hard, Pluto can break us or make us.  When the two planets come together in a conjunction, every 32-40 years or so, there is a realignment in the very fabric of reality as Pluto destroys and rebuilds the structures for which Saturn is typically responsible.  This particular conjunction is in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign and the sign which energizes the building of strong foundations to foster material success.

Income Gains Widely Shared in Early Postwar Decades - But Not Since Then Saturn and Pluto last came together in a conjunction in 1982 in the sign of Libra. Libra is commonly considered the sign concerned with relationship, and that is true, but it is ruled by Venus and Venus is associated with wealth and money, as well as luxury and comfort.  This conjunction of Saturn to Pluto marked the beginning of the vast increase in the wealth of the top 5%, resulting in the concentration of wealth that we see today.

Saturn and Pluto last conjoined at 4 degrees Capricorn in 1518, so you can see that this is not a common occurrence.  Pluto had just finished its travel […]

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The astrology of 2020: What can we expect?

Astrology of 2020

Before we can look ahead, we need to understand the past.

As many of you already know, Pluto left expansive Sagittarius for restrictive Capricorn in 2008, beginning a domino effect that crashed financial markets around the world and punctured bubbles of false optimism that was keeping financial and economic systems afloat.

Between 2010 and 2017, a stressful aspect between Uranus and Pluto resulted in chaotic social upheaval and the necessity for many of us to make major adjustments in order to survive in a new world that ended up looking little like the old one.

In 2018 and 2019 the necessity to create solid structures became even more important with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Capricorn teaches mastery of the material world and has little patience with frivolity or illusions, and we have all had to come to terms with a more practical approach to the way we live our lives.  Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and bears a powerful influence when it travels through its own sign every 28 years or so.

Jupiter entered its own sign of Sagittarius at the end of 2018, and the seemingly boundless enthusiasm and expansiveness of this planetary cycle helped to keep the doors of optimism open, at least for much of 2019.  Saturn and Pluto were very close to a conjunction in the spring and summer of 2019, causing  to give us a hint of what is coming in January of 2020.  In March we saw the burning of Notre Dame, a symbol of Christianity for 1000 years.  In April the Mueller report was released in the US.  In May it was reported that we are in a major extinction event with over a million species threatened with extinction.  […]

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Planetary news this week! Transition, expansion and adjustments

This week it’s all about Mercury!  Mercury rules the mind, transition, communication, the way we think and how information is processed in the brain as well as communication devices.  It also rules short trips and experiences that ar

e short but meaningful – things that we try on to see how we might be changed under a different outlook.

Jupiter (abundance and confidence) is still separating from a harmonious trine to Uranus (innovation and change), so there is still a general feeling of optimism in the air.  I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but once this optimism is behind us we will begin to be more aware of the upcoming alignment between Saturn and Pluto.  This is not a time to spend all of your nuts!  Gather your resources and protect them just in case there is a storm of pessimism over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Mercury acts as a translator between Uranus and Jupiter, connecting them once again for a last burst of optimism and expansive potential.  First Mercury harmonizes with Uranus on the 30th, awakening our thoughts and ideas and filling us with the excitement of new possibilities, and this leads into a conjunction of Mercury to Jupiter, continuing this excitement and expanding it even more on January 2nd.  Although Mercury cycles usually last for just a day or two, because Mercury is serving its role as messenger god between two major planets this week, the energies will linger longer than usual.

Although the general excitement may wane once Mercury is done with Jupiter and Uranus, the optimism continues for a few more weeks when Mars enters happy Sagittarius on January 3rd.  Mars is happiest when it is able to act without constraints, and it certainly is able […]

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Planetary news this week! A blast of liberation and an eclipse

This week is packed with planetary juju leading up to the eclipse.  A harmonious sextile from Mars to Saturn and Pluto is just behind us but the energies of calm and powerful strength still linger to offer a strong foundation from which we can create.  With the Sun having moved into Capricorn at the Solstice, we now have a stellium of four planets in grounded Capricorn and most of the planets bundled together forming a powerful concentration and focus between Scorpio and Aquarius.

Stelliums and bundles are typically more powerful than a scattered assortment of planets, each of which has a different purpose and concern.  It can be easy to limit our scope and perspective, and therefore difficult to open our minds to new possibilities.  Fortunately, the eclipse at the New Moon on December 25/26 (depending on your location) bursts open a sense of unlimited potential with a conjunction to expansive Jupiter and a trine to innovative Uranus.  Under this influence we can shake off our old ideas about our lives and our limitations, and find ourselves faced with new opportunities which previously we may not have even considered.

As the Sun and Jupiter move closer to the South Node of Fate, any lingering old patterns from the past are likely to be illuminated.  During the eclipse window, between December 22 and December 30 when the exact alignment between the Sun and the South Node occurs, these old patterns and behaviors are likely to be unmasked.  This sounds scary but it’s actually a good thing – when the devils that plague us are unmasked we can more easily let them go.  During the eclipse window, Mercury (mind and communication) will move into Capricorn and further intensify that grounded practicality […]

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