Last minute thoughts on the astrology of the 2020 election

We’re coming down the home stretch, and I continue to get queries about the election so I thought I’d share some thoughts.  Most of the predictions I’ve read have been based on the charts of the two candidates and most of those have relied on the strength of the planetary cycles each candidate is experiencing.  The prevailing idea seems to be that the candidate with the most harmonious planetary conditions will prevail, but that’s not how this works.  It’s often during the most grueling and challenging planetary cycles that we enjoy the greatest successes.  In addition, the election of a leader of a nation has more to do with the state of that nation than the candidates who become more of a symbol of the major themes experiencing in the country at the time.

I prepared a little video for my channel:

Some astrologers use the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn for prediction:  Jupiter represents expansion and freedom, and Saturn represents restriction and control.  In the United States currently these major themes appear to be Law and Order and Nationalist Pride with a Governmental Control sub-theme (Saturn themes) on the Republican side vs Environmental Issues and Social Justice (Jupiter)with a sub-theme of COVID-19 safety on the Democratic side.  I read one article from an astrologer who claimed that Jupiter represents Republicans and Saturn Democrats, but I suppose it depends on your viewpoint.  Democrats tend to prefer bigger government with more services which would fall under the generosity of Jupiter, whereas Republicans seek greater control through adherence to laws and the structures of religion which to be is more Saturnian.

I mention this only to suggest that perhaps her predictive techniques are similarly not free from bias.  The point that the globalism of […]

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More on predicting the election: A test

Astrologer Olga Morales has posted on Twitter an interesting comparison of current charts for Donald Trump and Joe Biden in which she predicts a win for President Trump based on the fact that he is “fully loaded” compared to Biden who has indications for poor health and illness.  She uses midpoints which are not in my arsenal of techniques as they tend to clutter the chart and draw my intention away from the themes that will provide clear information.

I’m just going to put this here so we can see how things go over the next month.

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Clearing up confusion about Trump’s birth data

We can thank the fact that Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, sowing confusion and distrust as well as floods and conspiracy theories, for the fact that everything is subject to suspicion.  I do think it’s rather ironic that after years of promotion by Donald Trump of the idea that Barack Obama had presented a fake birth certificate, some astrologers are now suspicious of whether or not Donald Trump himself has doctored his own birth certificate. 

The controversy seems to have begun with an article by Christine Arends in the Kepler College newsletter suggesting that astrologers failed to predict a Trump win because they were using the wrong chart.  (It should be noted that this prediction failure was also blamed on the lack of a reliable birth time for Hilary Clinton). She goes on to describe a hunt for the correct birth time for Donald Trump which seems to be based mostly on rumors and rectifications.  

Obviously, accurate birth times are of supreme importance when doing any kind of astrological analysis.  Often we are unable to ascertain a birth time, but in those cases we don’t rely on information that a birth time would provide.  I went on a hunt for the truth and was pointed to this article by Frank Clifford.  Frank is an astrologer who assisted the famed Lois Rodden in her data collection work in the 1990s, and his collections are used by the eminent astrology software Solar Fire.   

Frank reports: 

In April 1992, Lois Rodden’s ‘Data News’ (Issue 34) published the following: ‘Finally we have data for The Donald! I am reluctant to say “private source” as that is so ambiguous as to mean […]

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US 2020 astrological election prediction realities

ABC news

Please note that any comments from either side of the aisle which serve only to inflame and do not add productively to the conversation will be deleted.

Predicting the outcome of an election is a tempting exercise, but extremely difficult in practice.  In 2016 astrologers everywhere attempted to predict whether Clinton or Trump would win the November US Presidential election.  You can geek out here and read the article and comments breaking down results by whether the astrologer followed the tropical or sidereal zodiac, was US-based or international etc., but the important takeaway is that of the 90 predictions collected in the article, 62.1% predicted a Clinton win and 37.9% predicted a Trump win. These predictions were based on a nearly infinite assortment of techniques including ancient and obscure techniques such as firdaria, vertical zodiac, whatever that is, and something my friend Barry Goddard called “a non-astrological judgement that politically the more charismatic candidate usually wins.”

62.1% predicted a Clinton win; 37.9% predicted Trump would win.  This wasn’t far off from Gallup’s polling which gave Clinton a 51% chance over 32% for Trump.

After the election some astrologers attempted to blame the incorrect predictions on faulty birth data, but in this kind of prediction there are so many factors.  The individual candidates, their personalities and their planetary cycles affecting them at the time of the election.  Whether or not they connect with the People as reflected in the chart for the United States.  Which chart for the United States is used (most astrologers, myself included, use the chart from July 4 1776 but there are many others).  The mood of the People on election day.  Planetary conditions for the US chart and how […]

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The astrology of the Biden/Harris ticket

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I actually started this post a month ago when there were twelve candidates and it was a bit overwhelming.  Then the choice narrowed down to a more manageable number, but there was still always a possibility that there would be a wild card option that would come out at the last minute and all my work would be for naught.

I believe that Susan Rice (born 11/17/64, time unknown) was likely Biden’s favorite option for his vice president.  – if she’s born after noon her Moon conjoins Joe’s Moon which forms a sympathetic bond.  Her Sun conjoins his Sun and his Venus for great affection, and her Mercury conjoins his Sun suggesting that she understands him easily.  His Mars is in Scorpio and hers is in Virgo so she would aquiesce and not confront him.  She would have been the more comfortable choice for him, and I suspect that is why the decision took so long (other than, of course, the summer of retrogrades!!).

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You may remember that Kamala Harris was my choice for president so I am unabashedly enthusiastic with this decision.  I don’t usually like to express my bias in political posts, but to me she represents the exact balance of  diversity (Tamil Indian, Afro-Jamaican – American), intelligence, pragmatism, and charm that is needed right now in this political climate. As VP candidate she will likely be the nominee for president in 2024 which will mark the end of the US Pluto return so the choice of vice president is more critical now than ever.

If you missed my post on Kamala Harris you can find it here, and here is my profile of Joe Biden.

With […]

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