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The relationship problems of Charlie Sheen, a well-known American actor who has been acclaimed for his roles in such films as Platoon and Wall Street and in TV sitcoms Spin City and Two and a Half Men, have been well-documented.  n 1990 his engagement to actress Kelly Preston ended after he accidentally shot her in the arm and then left her for porn star Ginger Lynn.  In 1996 he was arrested for attacking a girlfriend at his home, for which he received probation. He was named in the Heidi Fleiss prostitution scandal and was hospitalized for a cocaine overdose in 1998.  His marriage to Denise Richards (2002-2005) and subsequent divorce were fraught with charges of Sheen’s abusive behavior.

Now Sheen has been arrested for “felony menacing” at his home in Aspen as the result of a 911 call from his wife, Brooke Mueller.  Mueller accused Sheen of attacking her with a knife, but police records show that she was legally drunk with a .13 alcohol reading.  Sheen told authorities that he had been defending himself against his wife.  Mueller later recanted her accusation and is no longer speaking to police at the time of this article.
Charlie Sheen is one of those “radical Virgos” whose dramatic behavior belie the typical characteristics of the Virgo Sun sign whose natives tend to be rather reticent and modest.  You would never think of a Virgo as having a penchant for porn and gambling.
Sheen is one of the “Uranus/Pluto” generation who were born between 1962 and 1968 when Uranus (radical change) and Pluto (death and rebirth) were conjunct in the sky.  This entire generation has a thirst for breaking down barriers (Uranus) in order to rebuild something that has become stale and dysfunctional (Pluto), and for Sheen this hunger is even more intense because his Sun is a part of that conjunction.  In addition, Chiron (emotional wounding and sensitivity) is conjunct oppressive Saturn in his chart, signifying a deep well of emotional pain within him that never quite disappears.  This is a powerful combination of planets that require a fair amount of self-understanding to master, and sometimes that process takes a lifetime.
Sheen’s Moon is part of this configuration, and it falls in the expansive and happy-go-lucky sign of Sagittarius.  This complicates matters for Sheen, since it makes it more difficult to do the solid emotional work that a conjunction of Saturn to Chiron demands.  The Sagittarius Moon often prefers to take the easy way out and flee the scene rather than dig into the dirt of the emotional stress that follows him everywhere.
This process must have been extremely difficult over the past year as transiting Saturn opposed Saturn in his chart, passing over his Sun in the process and setting off this whole dynamic.
Sheen’s sexuality is evident in the chart with Mars, planet of aggression and desire, in the sign of Scorpio which is an intensely sexual sign.  The sexuality of Scorpio is intense and dramatic and not at all polite.  Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and represents the pure desire found in that sign, but Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto, awakening the individual to the call of the Soul that lies within the purely physical desire.  Individuals with Mars in Scorpio are really seeking the Soul through the act of sex, although that isn’t always evident to them. This need to go deeper through sexuality is also seen in the fact that Sheen’s Sagittarius Moon falls in the Eighth House of Scorpio.
This duality is complicated even further by Gemini on the ascendant.  Gemini is famous for experimentation and flirtation, and even though a part of Sheen’s psyche craves the intense dramatic sexuality that a porn star can probably deliver, another part of him desires the freedom to be able to pass through many different experiences (Gemini ascendant) while keeping his heart free (Sagittarian Moon).  At the same time his Virgo Sun craves order and respectability, yet it conjoins Uranus and Pluto which instills an intensely rebellious nature.
Sheen is a complex array of personalities locked up in one human being.  As an actor, he is able to identify with each of the different parts of himself through the roles that he plays, but at a certain point he has to figure out who he himself really is.
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