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The charts for the four cardinal points (solstices and equinoxes) when the Sun moves into the four cardinal signs (Aries at the spring equinox, Libra at the fall equinox, Capricorn at the winter solstice and Cancer at the summer solstice) are often used to predict the energies that will be available over the next three months until the next cardinal point occurs.

Astrodatabank has posted the Solstice chart (also called Capricorn Ingress chart) and Ken over at the Weather Alternative explains about using the solstice chart for weather predictions:

The ancients had a different understanding. An astrological chart set for the beginning of each season at the corresponding solstice or equinox afforded them more than just a broad-spectrum look at the season in question. From the planetary positions and aspects contained in the chart they extracted a more detailed look at the quality of that particular spring, summer, fall, or winter. Would it be a dry season or a windy one? Would it be a mild or a harsh winter? When would certain weather phenomena take place?

These seasonal charts are set for the moment the Sun enters each of the cardinal signs of the zodiac. The Sun’s entrance into Aries marks the beginning of spring. Similarly, the Sun’s entrance into Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn denotes the beginning of summer, fall, and winter respectively. These Cardinal Solar Ingress charts are valid for the entire season they represent.

Read the rest of his weather forecasts here.

The notable thing about this chart is the four planets in a tight conjunction in Sagittarius/Capricorn including Pluto at nearly 29 Sag conjunct Sun and Jupiter at 0 Cap and Mercury at 2 Cap, all opposed by Mars at 3 Cancer. This is a powerful formation that fuses these planetary energies to the Sun at the time of the cardinal shift. I confess that I have not watched solstice and equinox charts to see how well they reflect the astrological climate, but this seems to me to be a pretty powerful planetary alliance that signifies important events. The combination of Jupiter and Pluto signify a desire for elevated and expanded power by the rulers, something we have certainly seen a lot of lately. The involvement of Mercury denotes a great deal of change and movement, and the opposition from Mars shows a fair amount of conflict in getting things done.

However, Saturn makes a trine to this planetary formation and a sextile to Mars, adding its competence and skill to efficiently assist in working through issues that arise. A square of Saturn in Virgo to the Gemini Moon, which craves understanding and a connection through language, shows that feelings will be hurt in the process. The square from Saturn describes blockages and frustration (Saturn) and difficulty in expression and communication (Gemini).

I did run the Solstice chart for Baghdad and found Venus right on the Midheaven. This is a good omen for peace and understanding (Venus) in that area.

I like what Robert Wilkinson says about the Solstice chart:

So despite the polarizations and oppositions to come, there will be unique gifts, realizations, and interactive blessings to be captured if we can find a new inspiration and figure out how to manifest it in a form that serves some collective need or emptiness. I have no doubt there will be more than one radical “karmic confrontation” coming these next 90 days, with those who are immature or inexperienced having a lot to learn from those who are wiser from their experience.

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