(This picture really says it all, doesn’t it??)

In my earlier article about Darth Cheney I outlined Cheney’s first heart attack at the age of 36 when Chiron (the wounded healer) transited his natal Saturn/Sun square. The past month has been a particularly stressful time astrologically for Cheney since the Grand Cross of December/January (see other articles on the Grand Cross) crosses right over this system in his natal chart. During the last week of December transiting Mars squared transiting Saturn directly impacting Cheney’s Sun, which represents his Spirit and his life force.

Transiting Chiron will begin to square Cheney’s Jupiter in early March of this year. Jupiter in his chart is conjunct Saturn, and both Jupiter and Saturn form a square aspect (90 degrees) to Cheney’s Sun. Consequently, when any of these natal planets are hit by a currently transiting planet it affects the whole system. (I hope this isn’t getting too technical!!) This cycle will remain in effect for Cheney throughout the year and into 2007 and is very likely to create serious health problems for him, including probable heart attacks.

Cheney has been headed down this road for years, and it’s unlikely that he will make the kind of major turnaround in his consciousness that would be required to reverse this trend.

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