This article originally quoted the 7:30 pm time from the San Francisco Chronicle.  I have updated the link to the two charts with the correct time and amended the post. Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the lines in the Presidential Oath of Office on Tuesday when he put the word “faithfully” in the wrong order.  President Obama, evidently out of respect for Roberts, said the words exactly as Roberts had said them which led conservative commentators to complain that Obama wasn’t really President because he hadn’t said the oath correctly.

The New York Times has an interesting article about this noting that the language in the Oath is actually incorrect, and that Roberts’ internal copy editor made the change without even thinking about it.

Of course we know that it was all because of Mercury Retrograde and the Void of Course Moon. :)  Under the influence of Mercury retrograde we often need a do-over, or an opportunity to get something right the second time.

Last night, in a move that will make astrologers around the world exhale in relief, Chief Justice Roberts re-administered the Oath of Office at the White House at 7:35 pm on January 21st. So which astrological chart is the correct one?

The Constitution says that the Presidency begins at noon on January 20, so I would argue that this chart is correct.  The noon chart is the chart for the Presidency, which is really what we are interesting.  It’s hard to know what importance to place on the chart for the signing of the Oath, which evidently But there is obviously some significance to the oath having been repeated, so let’s see what a difference this new chart makes.

Of course the big Pluto transits reported a few days ago are still in force, but the charts are very different.  The Inaugural chart has the current Aquarius stellium (including the Sun and Mercury) in the tenth house of government and public life, Taurus is rising, signifying stability and a concern for economic security, and the Moon is at the critical degree (29) of Scorpio in the sixth house, signifying an ending of some kind and a focus on the hard work at hand.

The chart for the retaking of the oath has a lot of advantages – the Moon has moved safely into Sagittarius where it is a lot happier, although it does form a T-square (challenging aspect) to the Uranus/Venus/Saturn system in the chart suggesting that the hopes and optimism of the Sag Moon will be afflicted by the reality on the ground (Saturn) and challenges from allies (Uranus/Venus). My original chart of 7:30 pm showed the last degrees of Leo on the ascendant which was a more fun chart than the Inaugural chart.  Now it’s clear that Virgo is rising in the oath chart which reflects the focus on service and hard work that this administration will have to endure to get the country back on track.

I suppose that we will see that the administration combines these two – that the retaking of the Oath chart is like a transparent overlay over the Inauguration chart and adds a complexity of meaning that it will take years to fully understand.

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