As many of you know, Chiron has been a specialty of mine for many years and one of the lesser-known roles of Chiron in the birthchart is to reveal the way energy flows in the body.  This energy flow through the energy centers that we call the chakras is called “kundalini,” and my friend Greg over at the Occult of Personality podcasts posted an article by Gopi Krishna on his Facebook page today about Kundalini that I thought was particularly relevant to Chiron in the astrological chart:

I am irresistibly led to the conclusion that the human organism is evolving in the direction indicated by mystics and prophets and by men of genius, by the action of this wonderful mechanism, located at the base of the spine, depending for its activity mainly on the energy supplied by the reproductive organs. Though not in its general application as the evolutionary organ in man, but in the individual sphere as the means to develop spirituality, super-normal facilities and psychic powers, the mechanism has been known and manipulated from very ancient times.

When manipulated and roused to intense activity by men already advanced on the path of progress and subject to numerous factors, especially favourable heredity, constitution, mode of conduct, occupation and diet, it can lead to most remarkable and extremely useful results, developing the organism by general stages from its native condition to a state of extraordinary mental efficiency, conducting it ultimately to the zenith of cosmic consciousness and genius combined.

This indeed is Chiron’s role – to forge a bridge between the trappings of personality that are the domain of the personal planets, and the transformational work of spiritual evolution and development that are the domain of the transpersonal (or outer) planets.

Barbara Hand Clow wrote about this phenomenon in her book The Liquid Light of Sex, which is rather little about sex and more about the flow of Kundalini energy, and you can read more about it here in my article from last year as well.
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