In the Daily Skywatch for March 9 I wrote of the spike in violence that was occurring all over the world, and since then there have been even more shocking mass murders in Germany and Alabama.  This dramatic rise of violence occurred as Mars (aggression) passed over the approaching conjunction of Chiron (wounding) and Neptune (blurring reality).

In the conjunction the energy of the two (or more) planets is fused so that they work together as one.  This can be harmonious, as in the case of the Moon and Venus, or it can be challenging, as with Mars and Neptune.  It’s hard to predict what we’re going to get with the conjunction.  In the case of Chiron and Neptune, the Neptunian blurring of boundaries can make it easier to access the hidden wounds (Chiron) that need to be released.  Or, the emotional pain that we experience when Chiron is active can be blinded by the Neptunian fog and then, when activated by Mars, explodes in some kind of strong action in order to numb the pain.

The Chiron/Neptune conjunction, which will continue to edge closer together until it perfects next year, is likely to bring up painful issues from the past, both personally and globally.  Ideally we will use the spiritual wisdom of Neptune to assist us in working through blocks that help us to gain greater wisdom under Chiron’s tutelage.  But there is always the danger that damaged individuals will become unhinged in the process.

On the positive side, the last time Chiron conjoined  Neptune was September 3, 1945, the day that World War II ended.  World War II occurred out of unfinished business from the first World War, and we can argue that it took Chiron and Neptune to complete the task.  It’s interesting that the Nodes of the Moon were exactly square Chiron and Neptune at the time of the exact conjunction, signaling that there was a karmic completion that occurred then, but also new karma from the events at that time.

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