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updated 5-22-07. With Chiron now in retrograde motion, through October of this year we are likely to revisit old wounds, learning how to release them so that we can move forward with greater wisdom. Neptune follows shortly thereafter, turning retrograde on May 24 and calling on us to connect with the deeper truth that lies within us.

The combination of Chiron and Neptune is a potent one, and as they dance towards a conjunction in early 2010 we will see their effects more and more. Neptune encourages us towards a life of spirituality and imagination; it unwinds the boundaries of our minds and hearts to permit us to expand our experience beyond previously suggested limits. Chiron is the “rainbow bridge” between the personal and the transpersonal as suggested by its eccentric orbit bridging the personal planets (through Saturn) and the transpersonal outer planets. Chiron is the doctor that heals the wounds of our earthly incarnation by bringing these wounds to our attention and facilitating their release through focused intention and presence rather than avoidance. As Chiron retrogrades back through Aquarius it will make the second in a series of sextiles to Jupiter on May 31 which will expand (Jupiter) the potential of this healing process, a process which will complete in September of this year.

As Neptune retrogrades it will revisit its exact opposition with Saturn for the final time. Under the Saturn/Neptune opposition our dreams and illusions (Neptune) have been startled into reality by Saturn, but this has worked in reverse as well with Neptune reminding us of the dry desert of what we call “reality” without a sense of life’s mystery. Debates over science vs. spirituality, scandals in government revealing lies and deceit, all of these newsworthy events have passed under the umbrella of the Saturn/Neptune opposition.

On a personal level, retrogrades tend to turn our attention backwards as we are urged to revisit activities, projects, ideas, relationships that we thought were in the past. This should not frustrate us; instead we can use this sense of going one step back for every two steps forward to be sure we have completed the process before moving ahead again.


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