We can thank the fact that Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, sowing confusion and distrust as well as floods and conspiracy theories, for the fact that everything is subject to suspicion.  I do think it’s rather ironic that after years of promotion by Donald Trump of the idea that Barack Obama had presented a fake birth certificate, some astrologers are now suspicious of whether or not Donald Trump himself has doctored his own birth certificate. 

The controversy seems to have begun with an article by Christine Arends in the Kepler College newsletter suggesting that astrologers failed to predict a Trump win because they were using the wrong chart.  (It should be noted that this prediction failure was also blamed on the lack of a reliable birth time for Hilary Clinton). She goes on to describe a hunt for the correct birth time for Donald Trump which seems to be based mostly on rumors and rectifications.  

Obviously, accurate birth times are of supreme importance when doing any kind of astrological analysis.  Often we are unable to ascertain a birth time, but in those cases we don’t rely on information that a birth time would provide.  I went on a hunt for the truth and was pointed to this article by Frank Clifford.  Frank is an astrologer who assisted the famed Lois Rodden in her data collection work in the 1990s, and his collections are used by the eminent astrology software Solar Fire.   

Frank reports: 

In April 1992, Lois Rodden’s ‘Data News’ (Issue 34) published the following: ‘Finally we have data for The Donald! I am reluctant to say “private source” as that is so ambiguous as to mean nothing. However in this case I have to say that I accept the reliability of my source but cannot divulge it. The story is that he laughed at the question and then called his mother to ask what time he was born.’

Lois gave the data as 14 June 1946, 9:51 am EDT, Queens, NY. The time gives 17° Leo rising. I presume he only gave the birth time; the date and place probably came from various published information about Trump. (I have a copy of this issue of ‘Data News’ in my library.) From this date forward, astrologers such as Lois Rodden and Lynne Palmer used this birth time when writing about the businessman in their books

Birth certificates can certainly be incorrect, but they are usually more trustworthy than rumors and rectification.  Under any kind of Neptune influence we look for the most convoluted of connections, but the theory known as Occam’s Razor proposes that the most obvious answer is usually the correct one.  In this case, a published birth certificate for Donald J. Trump is almost certainly a reliable source of a birth time. 

It’s tempting to blame our inability to predict the future on data, rather than in the fact that the future cannot be reliably predicted.  The future is not set in stone – it’s an elastic reality that changes as we humans change and evolve and re-create our journey.  Astrology provides an accurate weather report, describing the types of energies at work in the lives of individuals, nations, and the global community.  But what we do with these energies is always up to us.  


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