relationship astrologyAs an astrologer, I understand that when we click with some people and not others it’s because planetary interactions between the charts of different individuals manifest differently.  If your Mars (aggression) is in a challenging aspect to my Moon (emotional sensitivity), I may feel threatened or irritated by you.  If your Pluto (power and intensity) sits on my Sun (expression of Self) I may feel overpowered by you.  If your Venus aligns with mine, I will probably love you instantly!

So I found this article interesting:

I have always been fascinated by this question.

With some of my friends, we can go for years without connecting. Yet, when we do come back together, it feels like no time has passed.

With other friends, however, the process is much less organic. There seem to be inbuilt “requirements” – which I sometimes feel I should be sensing without needing to be told….yet don’t. …

As my mentor explained, all pots of energy are necessary – and all are desirable. But not all pots of energy mesh well with one another.

When we meet someone who seems to come from our same or similar “pot” of energy, the organic (first kind) of friendship takes place. It is effortless. We just “get” one another. Neither party worries when the other disappears for a time. Intuition and faith guides the connection through its ebbs and flows. There is a natural joy of “getting” another person and being “gotten” by another person in turn – it cannot be manufactured or orchestrated in any way, because the two friends were born from the same pot. They are standing on the same foundation.

I’m not sure this is a satisfying explanation.  I have five or six really good friends, and they seem to come from different “pots of energy” – they really have nothing in common with each other and even though each of them feel simpatico with me, they don’t feel simpatico with each other.

In fact, I connect with each of them in different ways.  One is a friend with whom I share gossipy details and shopping.  One is a friend who is more on my psychological wavelength.  I connect through my esoteric work with one, and in my real estate business with another. Several are friends I play music with, but in different circles.  This “pots of energy” explanation doesn’t really hold up in my world.

As with everything else – the astrological symbolism provides the solution to most of life’s insistent questions.  Why is this happening to me now?  Why do I feel attracted to this person when I know he’s bad for me?  What makes my daughter behave as she does?  Why does my husband drive me crazy when I love him so much?  These questions are not simple and they require non-simplistic answers, but these are all questions for which astrology can provide clues.

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