by Lynn Hayes

Art by Chris Johanson

Mercury represents communication and the transmission of energy, and Uranus represents radical change, surprise, and innovation.  When these two planets get together, as they do nearly every year because of Mercury’s orbit pattern, things can get a little wonky. When the conjunction of Mercury to Uranus coincides with a Mercury retrograde period as we just saw happen, things can get quite wonky indeed.  Some of you may be familiar with the story of Mike Daisey whose one-man show about the Apple factory in China was adapted for an episode of This American Life in January but then retracted on March 16th, two days before the second phase of the exact Mercury/Uranus conjunction and just after Mercury turned retrograde.  Re-tractions are just one of the thing Mercury Retrograde periods are good for as we turn our attention to the past and re-do anything that was not done right the first time. Uranus is in charge of electricity and electromagnetic energy, and those of us who are more sensitive to this kind of energy may be having trouble sleeping, or feeling jittery.  Mercury and Uranus are both in fiery Aries now (Mercury dipped briefly back into Pisces while in its retrograde phase which is now over) and the intensity of the energy is amped up as a result.  Interpersonal communication may be more bizarre than usual. Eric Francis commented on his Facebook page yesterday: “Has anyone noticed this energy in the air that it’s been difficult to keep a grip on the facts? I’ve had more fact checking issues in the past seven days than I’ve had in the rest of my journalism career combined.”  He went on to say, “.I own three electric guitars, and they all developed similar problems [a few weeks earlier]…it was so weird I started to speculate that a power surge had come through, or that solar flares were to blame.” It may sound like an extended Mercury retrograde period, but this is all very Mercury/Uranus, as is any disruption (Uranus) to communication equipment (Mercury) and tornadoes and electrical storms such as the ones which spawned 100 tornadoes in 24 hours in the midwest last weekend. Uranus can be somewhat reckless, and when combined with the communication aspect of Mercury we all may end up saying things that we wish we hadn’t, or feeling like  discussions are out of our control.  This is a great time for planning and developing new ideas, but not the best time to implement them.  That will be better left until the conjunction has passed next week. The final phase of the Mercury Uranus conjunction culminates on April 22nd, and the personal intensity should settle down a bit after that.  On a broader level we will continue to see the level of unrest continue to build as the square between Uranus and Pluto peaks this summer.

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