This Aries Full Moon takes the power of Mars to energize us and stir us to action, and amplifies it into a new dimension.  Mars is locked in a dramatic tango with Venus right now, and Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon which promotes it to great importance.  This means that we are more self-oriented and potentially more reactive than we might normally be, and this can result in greater interpersonal conflict.

This dance is embedded in the chart of the Aries Full Moon – another symbol of polarities since the Sun is in Libra, the sign of balance, and the Moon is in Aries, Libra’s opposite polarity. Aries is self-oriented where Libra attempts to balance self vs other – finding that sweet spot in the middle is the message of the Aries Full Moon on October 5th.

Our relationship with others are a mirror of our own internal conflicts, and the attempt to find a harmonious counterbalance, both in our own emotional natures and personalities and in our relationships, is intensified and made more urgent with.  Anything artificial or illusory falls away under this Full Moon and we are given the choice to create transformation or remain in ignorance.

Fortunately, we are blessed at this time with mental clarity and an enhanced ability to communicate our personal wisdom, and a grounding influence can help to provide stability but may also set up road blocks that need to be worked through. In the midst of this, there is a tremendous push for personal liberation and creating the kind of change that will facilitate and encourage a release from old patterns that bind us.

Geeky astrological details – These aspects are embedded into the Full Moon chart: Mars, ruler of the Full Moon, conjoins Venus.  The lunation is squared by Pluto. Mercury conjoins the Sun and opposes the Moon. Saturn harmonizes with both Sun and Moon.  Jupiter opposes Uranus.

Here are some ways to utilize the energies of this Full Moon:

  • Physical activity is important in any Mars-y period, and for a few days after this Full Moon it is nearly essential.  Joyful activity such as dance, or activity with intentional such as yoga or the martial arts, will be very helpful in balancing the brain/body energetic systems.
  • Ask yourself if there are areas in your relationships that are out of balance.
  • If you are someone who easily speaks your mind to others, practice listening and receiving to achieve greater balance.  And if you are someone who finds it difficult to express yourself, try speaking out with kindness and clarity to help you find that sweet spot of harmony.
  • If there is a problem relationship in your life, visualize your ideal outcome keeping in mind the principles of balance and the importance of fulfillment for all involved.
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