I was glad to see George Clooney won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor for his work in Syriana, a film that boldly exposes the corruption in the oil industry. After a period that he calls “his worst year,” it’s good to know that his luck has turned, something I predicted in my George Clooney

George is said to be thinking about settling down and finding his perfect mate, but that won’t be easy for him. Venus in his chart is in Aries, showing he craves freedom and independence in relationships, and his Venus is unaspected (meaning it makes no aspects to other planets in his chart). With an unaspected Venus it can be difficult (but not impossible!!) for him to forge the deep connections required for committed relationships. A man with Venus in Aries likes a woman who is strong and independent yet very womanly, because men with Aries planets tend to need to be the strong one in relationships. And of course she must understand his need for work that drives him with nose-to-the-grindstone Saturn in Capricorn that opposes Mars in his chart, relentlessly driving him towards success.

Still, beginning next year George will have a transit cycle of Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) to Venus, and perhaps he will get his wish. Until then, George, keep up the excellent work!

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