I was never much of a conspiracy buff until a few years ago, although I did always think that JFK was assassinated by J Edgar Hoover. But after September 11 and my sister’s inspiration, I became a voracious reader on all things conspiratorial. So when I read that in the UK and in Europe biometric screenings (iris screening, shades of Big Brother) are being proposed as a security measure I became suspicious. I don’t want to die in a terrorist bombing any more than the next person, but nor do I want my freedom to be hijacked in exchange for my fear.

News reports over the next few days are calling into question the veracity of the terror plot in the UK, including one from former British Ambassador Craig Murray who said that the fact that the suspects had no bomb equipment and no passports made the whole “plot” seem trumped up. The Guardian interviewed Brits on the street and found them skeptical about the whole thing.

So I was very interested in Barbara Palliser’s astrological take on this, particularly since she lives in the UK. She reports (I’ve snipped a bit)

Up till last Thursday I had an open mind about conspiracy theories. Now after having a good look round the internet, at the reactions to the events of the last few days here in the UK, it seems that fear is fear no matter how it’s repackaged and labeled as ‘what’s really going on’.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s possible this bomb plot discovery has been publicised for a reason (Saturn in Leo remember), but that doesn’t automatically make it a puppet show. The other discoveries of terrorist plots – yes there’s been lots of them here in the UK, folks – remained low key, therefore away from the conspiracy theorists gaze. Consequently their jigsaw designed to show all roads lead back to the Whitehouse doesn’t include all the pieces of the picture.

In astrology Saturn has everything to do with fear, whatever form it takes, whether denial, dismissal, avoidance, or censorship, while Neptune has everything to do with letting go and surrendering unconditionally to a greater power, whatever its shape – a beautiful sunset, a work of art, a bottle of beer, religion etc. We all have it in us to want to be the sugar lump in God’s tea, but there’s resistance too, based on the fear of loss of individuality consciousness that the experience threatens. And this is what Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius seems to be describing at the moment, whichever perspective you take, that of the collective feeling of threat and mistrust we have around the idea of a prevailing power not in our control.

For me, Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius is about the craving to reconnect with the essential freedom and dignity that is contained within the nature of our true spiritual identity. Spiritual connection is something that we alone can do for ourselves, because at heart it’s defined by the relationship we have with ourselves. And because it’s our responsibility alone it’s also our greatest source of security – no one can take away, deny, or hide this connection from us. Unless we believe they can, of course.

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