As I’ve said before, with Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in the third house of communication, I have a nose for scandal and conpsiracy. In the early 1980s I read a phenomenal book by Jim Marr called “Crossfire” about the plot to kill Kennedy which was incredibly well-researched and documented, and this book blew my mind. For 44 years now the political establishment has insisted that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy with a single bullet.

Now, in a stunning confluence of Jupiter square Uranus (stunning news and the turning over of the status quo) and the Saturn/Neptune opposition (the exposure of our delusions) scientific investigation has blown a hole in the lone gunman theory by analyzing bullet fragments.

I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that a book by Vincent Bugliosi concluding that Oswald WAS the lone shooter was also released this week.

Saturn was tightly square Neptune at the time of the assassination, and 70% of Americans believe that there was a conspiracy and a coverup.

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