The swine flu began as a mysterious strain of flu, a mixture of swine, bird and human flu strains, just as Chiron and Neptune were moving closer towards their exact conjunction.  At the time I wrote of my suspicion over the sudden appearance of this hybrid strain of flu. After all, it wasn’t long ago that scientists recreated the Spanish flu virus that killed an estimated 50 million people back in 1918.

Flu epidemics provide billions of dollars of income for pharmaceutical companies and allow governments to step in and exercise control over a panicked citizenry.  And sure enough, it appears that the British government plans to immunize the entire British population:

The UK government has ordered enough vaccine to cover the entire population. GPs are being told to prepare for a nationwide vaccination campaign.

Peter Holden, the British Medical Association’s lead negotiator on swine flu, said GPs’ surgeries were ready for one of the biggest vaccination campaigns in almost 50 years.

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What a bonanza for the entire medical establishment in Britain. France has ordered 90 million doses, Germany 50 million, and the US has ordered almost $900 million worth of vaccine product from two pharmaceutical companies.

Evidently I’m not completely crazy.  My research uncovered this lost news story from back in February which reported that Baxter International “unintentionally” contaminated vaccine samples with Bird Flu virus.  The contaminated vaccines were sent to subcontractors in several European countries.  “Coincidentally,” Baxter International began working with the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine against the Swine Flu in April.

Investors are salivating over the potential for stock gains of the companies involved.

Most alarming of all, the World Health Organization evidently has the authority to impose regulations regarding travel and vaccinations in the 194 countries who are signatories to its charter.  Even if you dismiss some of the more spectacular claims of the linked blog, the significance of this one item is incontrovertible.

The astrological connections here are interesting.  First we have Pluto having swept into Capricorn, where not only are the structures that provide the foundation of our life being destroyed and transformed but we also have the tendency for realignments of power (Pluto) in those structures (Capricorn).  Next, the conjunction of Chiron (health) and Neptune (vaccines), which bring about a means for the transfer of more and more power from the individual (Uranus) to the state (Saturn), which reflects the opposition of Saturn to Uranus.

In any event, let’s stay awake, people.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

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