[According to an article in the National Geographic} Earth’s north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia at almost 40 miles (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet’s core, new research says.

The core is too deep for scientists to directly detect its magnetic field. But researchers can infer the field’s movements by tracking how Earth’s magnetic field has been changing at the surface and in space.

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The concept of polar shift, where the magnetic axis of the earth shifts and creates cataclysmic changes of the earth, is well known to conspiracy theorists and followers of the “earth changes” hypotheses.  The concept of “earth changes” is a common thread throughout many of the prophetic voices throughout the past two thousand years, beginning with Revelation in the bible and continuing through Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.  Cayce famously predicted that the polar axis would shift and that oceans would become land and land oceans, and that Atlantis would rise from the sea. Immanuel Velikovsky is another well-known proponent of this theory and he was an academician rather than a “new age” thinker, although his work back in the 1950s was either ignored or ridiculed by the scientific community.
Back in the 1980s scientists began to accept the idea of “true polar wander,” but it was thought that the actual shift of the poles has occurred at a rate of one degree or less over 150 million years.
National Geographic reports that in 1904 the pole began shifting about nine miles a year, and then sped up again in 1989.  In 2007 it was confirmed that the pole is shifting at a rate of 34 to 37 miles a year.
Interestingly, in 1904 when this pole shift evidently began to accelerate Uranus, planet of electromagnetic energy, was opposite Pluto in the sky.  Pluto is the planet of transformation, and the combination of these two energies has throughout history evoked major shifts of consciousness and culture on our planet.  These two joined forces between 1962 and 1968, inspiring the cultural revolutions of the 1960s.  They were in opposition to each other (180 degrees apart) between 1900 and 1906, coinciding with the San Francisco earthquake.  They will be in a square formation (90 degree angle) between 2010 and 2016 or so.
Pluto is now in Capricorn, an earth sign that represents the sign of the solid foundation on which we build our worlds, and as such it has already begun to create transformations in our economic system, one of the areas over which Capricorn presides.  Uranus is heading into Aries, a fire sign.  Volcanos and earthquakes appear likely under this combination, and if the shifting of the poles really is picking up speed we could see some interesting results during this time period.
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