The Moon is new on June 3rd in the sign of Gemini.  Gemini is the sign of the twins and finds pleasure in the embrace of dual views that may seem incompatible but which actually enhance our nature and help us to grow and evolve.  The more we understand about who we are, the more effective we can be in our lives and Gemini accomplishes this through attracting experiences through which we change and take on new characteristics and qualities.  Under the sign of Gemini we are more flexible, which makes it easier to create something new which forces us to shed an old skin that no longer fits these new experiences and new ways of looking at the world.

Gemini is an air sign, and lives in the realm of the mind.  Communication is critical under the influence of Gemini, and so is objectivity.  Gemini is also a bit of a mimic, encouraging us to try on new experiences and new personas in order to learn more about how we are.  In this New Moon chart, both the Sun and Moon are in a harmonious trine to Pallas – asteroid of Divine Intelligence.  Pallas connects us to our own inner knowing – unlike the flashes of intuition in which we gain knowledge from a higher plane, the wisdom of Pallas comes from within.  Under the influence of Pallas the divine spark of Universal wisdom is lit and we see with abundant clarity, unsullied by any confusion of personal emotions.

Venus, the planet of relating and attraction, is in a harmonious trine to transformational Pluto at this time.  The fruit of our ideas and realizations can be seamlessly integrated into our relationships and the potential for real evolution is enhanced.  However, Saturn (responsibility and challenge) is approaching its second conjunction to the South Node of the past, demanding that we resolve old patterns that are holding us back before we can find a clear way forward.

New Moons are the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and a wonderful time to create an intention.  The energies of this particular Gemini New Moon can be best used if we consider these thoughts:

  • If I put aside any fears and resentments, and look along the path to my future, what do I want to see there?
  • Are my own prejudices holding me back from the path that I want to take in my life?
  • What can I learn by emulating others I admire?
  • Have I been too rigid in my ideas – would becoming more flexible help me to live the life that I desire?

Planting these seeds at the New Moon will help us to harvest them when the Moon is full in two weeks!

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