prayerThe efficacy of prayer has been proven recently in the scientific arena. Dr. Larry Dossey is well-known for his studies demonstrating that prayer has a healing effect even when performed from a distance and without the patient knowing that prayer is occurring. The National Institute for Health Care Research found that out of 158 professional studies, 75% demonstrated that a religious commitment translated into benefits in psychological well-being, overall survival rates, or quality of life for everyone from cancer patients to drug abusers. Research is now being conducted at major universities all over the country to determine the connection between prayer and healing. Is this the intervention of a divine entity? Or is it that when we create an intention we focus our mind to align with the divine within ourselves, thereby harnessing an enormous creative force of manifestation?

It is tempting to relinquish our personal power to the will of the divine and give up our own will in the name of humility. Often there is a deep spiritual experience that results from sublimating one’s personal desires; however, a deep transformational empowerment can result from creating strong intentions for one’s life experiences that brings us closer to fulfilling our soul’s purpose and to becoming the amazing beings that we truly are. In order to do so, it is crucial to honor the divine within ourselves that deserves to live a beautiful and abundant life.

Often we may find ourselves stuck in patterns of negative thought that prevent us from realizing most fully the power of our creative intention. Perhaps we inherited these thought patterns and scripts from our families. Perhaps difficult life experiences have made it difficult for us to believe in our own soul’s beauty and power. Or perhaps we fear that in acknowledging our power to create the life we want, we are bound to fail. No matter what our negative conditioning has been, we have the power at every moment to completely transform our lives by directing our energy and focus for change, healing, and transformation.

When creating an intention or a vision for our life, it is crucial to begin by asking that our goal be answered in a way that harms none and is for the highest good of all. Paramhansa Yogananda has said, “Words are vibrations of thought,” and the words that we utter have a powerful effect on our consciousness. Carefully consider the options that you want to bring into your life. Do not focus on the negative that you would like to release, as this will only energize the negative. Your intentions will be more effective if they are worded in positive, evocative and inspiring language, and in the present tense. You will want to be as specific as possible in your intentions, but leave room for divine intervention and inspiration. Use words such as “exactly the right.” or “the best possible.” Speak the words aloud, and use all of your senses to make your vision real. Hear the sounds, feel the textures, see your life unfold as you desire it to be.

When we align the words that we speak with a clear intention, and we include in that intention the desire to follow the will of our higher self and guidance, we become able to manifest our soul’s purpose and manifest our highest ideals. Behavior patterns that interfere with our purpose become transformed as our entire being fills with the light of the divine will. We become more strongly linked to our soul’s creative intelligence, open to its guidance, and receptive to the many gifts of a life of transformation.

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