climacticOn November 1st, Uranus and Pluto clashed in the sky for the fourth  of seven total phases that will continue into 2015 (see more about this cycle in the sidebar if this is new to you).  On November 3rd there was a full moon eclipse in Scorpio, the sign of intensity and passion.  This was an intense week, full of emotion and inner conflict.  For some, that inner conflict spilled out into acts of violence.

During that week there was a noticeable increase in violent acts.  For example, in Chicago five people were murdered during the first three days of November, despite a declining murder rate in that city.  A newspaper article cried “How to make sense of four families slain in four days?”  after four entire families in four different states were killed between the 1st and the 5th of November.  One disturbed young man opened fire in a mall in Paramus, killing only himself, and another went on a rampage at LAX airport, killing two TSA officers. Three people were killed when a gambling operation at a Detroit barbershop went sour.

These things happen all the time, but intense planetary configurations such as the combination of events at the beginning of November bring our own inner conflicts and stress to a peak that often spills out into the outer world. When this is combined with the global stress of economic and political disorder such as we are seeing today, the result can be a cocktail of violence and disturbance.

The good news is that the planets are settling down and we are heading into a rest period.  No eclipses, no stressful planetary alignments for the next few months means that we can assimilate the intensity of the past six months or so and begin to prepare for more effective transitions and change.

In case you follow Susan Miller you may have seen this  recent article in which she said “People are through the worst now, but late December is worse than October. I don’t know how I’m going to write about this, because I love the holidays. I’m worried about New Year’s Eve. I’m afraid that companies will cut back, people will lose their jobs, couples will fight because they don’t have enough money, people will drink more because of difficulties they’re facing.”

It’s true that between Christmas and New Year’s the planet Mars will interact with both Uranus and Pluto and this can create stress and tension.  But Mars transits are fast moving and tend to result more in quick eruptions of tension rather than the kind of long-simmering angst that builds over time and erupts in volcanic fashion such as the intensity we saw with the combination of the Scorpio eclipse with Uranus and Pluto.

So please don’t let the doctors of doom and gloom scare you.  The peak of the intensity is behind us, and now we pick up the pieces and work together to create a world where authenticity and fairness (Uranus) can coexist with power (Pluto) and consciousness presides over greed.

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