Crop circles don’t have anything to do with astrology, and perhaps they have no place in an astrology blog. But I love a good mystery (my Mercury is in Scorpio – there!  I made an astrological connection).
From Professor A.J. Gevaerd, via Colin Andrews:

[O]n October 29th, in the same town of Ipuaçu, by a few miles from the precise spot here last year’s circles have been found, a new sign in a wheat plantation was registered. This time, however, it is nothing like a circle, but a figure far more complex and with precise measures in its internal features. Take a look at the diagram:


The case was first reported by newsman Ivo Luis Dohl, consultant of the Brazilian UFO magazine, who lives nearby and was the same investigator to report last year’s cases. He is on site 24/7 evaluating this new case and waiting for others to come, and in permanent contact with the magazine HQ in Curitiba. This new circle was found by Bernardete Trevisan, who lives in the área where the formation was found. She called Vagner Visoli, officer from the City Hall, who went to the place and called Ivo Dohl.

Visoli was the first to arrive at the formation area and assured the Brazilian UFO Magazine that he found no indication of human action at all. No footprints, not tractor tracks (except for old ones produced during plantation process, weeks before), no indication at all of how the formation was produced. With lots of experience in wheat plantation, however, Visoli was afraid to enter the formation. He took the first pictures, which were sent for analysis.  The origin of this new crop formation is not known yet. However, agricultural technicians have assured that there is no method, equipment or instrument that could produce such effect on the plants and cause them to lay down so tidy as it can be seen in the photos.  Besides, nothing could cause the plants to bent and form such precise figure.

So far, this has been what is believed to be the first Brazilian crop formation in 2009, and if this country has really entered in this phenomena last year, as reported above, it is reasonable to expect that many more formations would happen this year. The Brazilian UFO Magazine team is prepared to investigate and report any new activity.

The question of why crop circles mainly turn up in one area (Wiltshire) in Britain is an interesting one.  If these circles are hoaxes, and so easily made as some claim, why are copycats not making circles all over the world, particularly in the United States where there are plenty of wheat fields?  The circles that have turned up elsewhere have been notably inferior and more obviously hoaxes, such as this one in Germany.
As I wrote before, I suspect that these circles might have some relation to the British secret service.  In any case, it’s a fascinating mystery!
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