Mundane astrology, the astrology of places and events, is not my specialty (Nancy Waterman is my usual source for this area of expertise) but I confess it does fascinate me. Knowing that the commonly-used Sibley chart for the United States has Sagittarius rising I took a look to see how the Sagittarius stellium was affecting the US.

Transiting Uranus in Pisces has been making a square, or challenging aspect, to the descendant in the US chart since back in March of 2006, bringing a radical change (Uranus) in the way the US identifies itself relative to its allies. Uranus transits bring sudden change and revolutionary behavior, and the ascendant/descendant axis deals with how we balance our personal identity with our relationships. Before Uranus began this transit to the US chart back in March the GOP was considered by many to be a strong ally in the cause of United States policy; now they rank close to the bottom of public approval. Britain was a powerful ally before Uranus started kicking us around, but now with the demise of Tony Blair the ties between US and Britain have all but disintegrated.

Uranus also takes the ruling power out of the hands of the few and gives it to the many and we have seen this in the Bush administration: Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld were designing the destiny of the US and now there are many voices speaking up. But is anyone listening?

The first of the transits across the US ascendant occurred back in late November when Venus crossed that point, and Mercury crossed the ascendant a few days ago as President Bush was involved in his quest for help with the Iraq problems. Mercury was in square (challenging aspect) to rebellious Uranus at the time and although Bush was listening to advisors (Mercury) he was determined to follow his own path (Uranus) regardless of the consequences.

Mars will be next to cross the US ascendant on December 22-23. Mars is the god of war, and we would expect to see a flareup of tensions between the US and other nations as well as within the country itself. In late January, determinedly optimistic and potentially arrogant Jupiter will cross the US ascendant in square to Uranus which will be completing its own square to this point. The square of the king of the gods (Jupiter) to revolutionary Uranus is a potentially explosive combination that will have a powerful effect on the relations between the US and its allies and alliances within the United States.

President Bush is going through a series of astrological challenges to the ascendant in his own chart, showing problems with alliances and partnerships over the past year. Transiting Saturn, the bestower of delays and disappointments, crossed over that sensitive point in his chart followed closely by Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing. Chiron tends to expose old wounds in our psyche that have not healed, and the transit of Chiron (beginning back in March of 2006) has challenged all of Bush’s relationships. It has further brought up the spectre of failure that has followed him his whole life as he drove not one but three oil companies into bankruptcy. In this most visible role of his life, he is determined not to fail and ironically it is this quality that is most likely to result in failure.

All six planets and luminaries fall right now in President Bush’s fifth house of creative self-expression. This is the house where we need to feel special – admired and celebrated. The fifth house is associated with the sign of Leo, the sign of royalty, which is Bush’s rising sign as well. All of these planets traveling through the fifth house are exacerbating Bush’s innate need for respect and veneration. In the fifth house we often make grand gestures of generosity, hoping to receive the regard that we seek but when afflicted these gestures can often backfire because of their self-centered origin. In the fifth house we often play out our childhood need for attention, and for many years President Bush has attempted to gain the favor and respect of his father by following in his footsteps. He has failed miserably.

Jupiter is making a trine (harmonious aspect) to Bush’s ascendant right now, and he has the potential to draw fortunate (Jupiter) allies (ascendant) to him. However, these will require him to drop the need for adulation and respect that has driven his presidency and listen to the wisdom of those around him.

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