Libra full moonThe March 31st Full Moon is in Libra, the sign of balance, so you might think of it as a peaceful and harmonious time, full of the beauty and love that Libra is known for.  But this Full Moon is opposite not only the Aries Sun, but also a retrograde Mercury in Aries which is not all that happy at being muzzled by the retrograde.

In Aries Mercury prefers to take action – to go forward always, without the necessity of having to retrace its steps or even worse, admit that something was wrong and needs to be redone. So Aries Mercury retrogrades can be quite a challenge.  In this Full Moon, Mercury and the Sun are aligned as one opposed to the Moon which  means that the Aries energy will have a tendency to overcome the mild nature of the Libra Moon which after all wants nothing more than a lovely day enjoying a cup of tea with a good friend.

Complicating matters a bit more is an alignment of Saturn (restriction and judgment) and Mars (assertive action and desire).  A pairing of Saturn and Mars has the effect of driving with the brakes on: Mars says “let’s go” and Saturn says “not yet.”  It is helpful that both Mars and Saturn are in Capricorn, the sign that is ruled by Saturn, so at least they can both agree on a goal to achieve and the pair will help us to find the focus we need to achieve (Saturn) that which we desire (Mars).  However, Mars and Saturn are locked in a challenging square to both the Sun and Moon which has the potential to create some dissonance in our world for a few days.

Full Moons are times of culminations, and the Libra Full Moon suggests that we learn to achieve balance in an important area of our lives.  Relationships of all kinds are critical under a Libra Full Moon, but so is inner balance and harmony.  With Mercury traveling retrograde in Aries, and challenged by both Mars and Saturn, it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time looking back over our plans  and desires to see how they can be improved before embarking on a new journey or plan.

The Libra Full Moon balances the Libra Moon, which is focused on the others in our life, with the Aries Sun which is more self-oriented.  This is an excellent time to look at the relationships in our lives with new eyes and see where they may be out of balance.  Are we focused too much on our own needs and failing to see what our loved ones are seeking from us? Or have we expended so much energy pleasing others that we have lost our selves in the process?

These are the teachings of the Libra Full Moon.

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