smartphonePC World brings us this interesting report from the Pew Research Center on the different types of tech users and suggests that perhaps there’s an astrological connection:

With all the various forms of smartphones and laptops entering our lives, it sometimes seems like the Internet is becoming a part of us: The connection is always on, and information is always just a click away. It turns out, though, the majority of Americans don’t feel that mobile electronics are tethering them to the digital world — in fact, most adults see the devices as being distant and unimportant parts of their lives.

A new report by the Pew Research Center attempts to categorize people into 10 different types of tech users. You could call it a kind of astrology for the digital age: a set of memorably named designations that tell you your preferences and personality when it comes to the electronic world. (Sorry — no “heavenly bodies” involved in this pseudo-science.

OK, there’s only ten categories, but if we get creative we can come up with sign correlations:  Remember that each of our charts is made up of many different sign combinations, so this is for entertainment purposes only!

Digital Collaborators: 8% of adults use information gadgets to collaborate with others and share their creativity with the world. These are the Libras – the ones for whom relationships and connections are critical, and probably also the Leos who feel that everything they do is important enough to be shared with the greater universe.

Ambivalent Networkers: 7% of adults heavily use mobile devices to connect with others and entertain themselves, but they don’t always like it when the cell phone rings.  It would be Aries and Scorpio, the Mars-ruled signs, that like to control when and how electronic communication takes place.

Media Movers: 7% of adults use online access to seek out information nuggets, and these nuggets make their way through these users’ social networks via desktop and mobile access.  This would be Gemini – the adept processors of information.

Roving Nodes: 9% of adults use their mobile devices to connect with others and share information with them.  This would be Capricorn, ruled by Saturn for which technology is primarily for practical uses

Mobile Newbies: 8% of adults lack robust access to the internet, but they like their cell phones. Our Taurus friends are usually the last to jump on a fad bandwagon.  They are just discovering cellphones but find the rest of it just silly.

Desktop Veterans: 13% of adults are dedicated to wireline access to digital information, and like how it opens up the pipeline to information for them.  The Virgos among us are practical and find browsing the internet on a phone far less practical than the desktop computer.

Drifting Surfers: 14% of adults are light users – despite having a lot of ICTs – and say they could do without modern gadgets and services.  These are the Sagittarians who would far rather be outdoors having adventures and meeting real people that browsing the internet on their cellphones.

Information Encumbered: 10% of adults feel overwhelmed by information and inadequate to troubleshoot modern ICTs.  This would be our Pisces friends, who find it easy to get lost in the barrage of information technology and the need to continually update their products.

The Tech Indifferent: 10% of adults are unenthusiastic about the internet and cellphone. This is most likely to be the Cancers, who thrive on the personal touch and the emotional connection that you can’t get through a cellphone and internet.

Regardless of the pressure being put on us by the Digital Age, each of us processes information in different ways.  This is revealed in the birthchart by the location of the planet Mercury along with other aspects and planetary placements.  It is no surprise that our relationship to the world of technology has so many varied signatures!

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