…is becoming more difficult as Saturn moves into alignment to the second phase of its opposition from Neptune, and the deceptions (Neptune) of the Bush/Cheney White House (Saturn) are becoming more and more apparent.

  • Scientists testifying before a US Congressional panel report that the Bush administration forced them to manipulate their reports to make it look as if human action was not intensifying global warming.
  • The Scooter Libby trial is creating a lot of confusion over who knew what about Valerie Plame, when did they know it and why did they try to expose her as a CIA agent. Of course, most of the witnesses have huge credibility problems themselves.

In other news, hundreds of members of a a new and mysterious (Neptune) Shiite cult were killed on Sunday by US and Iraqi troops. This new cult, called the “Soldiers of Heaven,” supposedly are followers of the “Hidden Imam” (Neptune rules that which is hidden). Even more curious, this cult was well-funded and well-supplied with arms by an unknown and mysterious source (more Neptune).

The faceoff between Saturn and Neptune can be destabilizing on a personal level as well. This is a good time to add form (Saturn) to spiritual practice (Neptune), and to surrender to the flow (Neptune) when the structures of our life (Saturn) are threatened by outside forces.

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