I have written on this before, but I think it bears repeating.  I often get this question from readers and clients.  “Does my chart say I will ever be able to have a successful relationship?”  “Does my chart say I can overcome my fear of success?”  “Will I ever be financially secure?”  Or occasionally I will hear from someone who wants to know when their business will be successful, or whether someone they are involved with is for certain their soulmate.

The truth is, while the birthchart will identify challenges and blocks that we need to overcome in order to successfully navigate our life path, and while it certainly will show where we have particularly strong talents or skills in certain areas, it does NOT dictate our fate.

My answer to this question usually is, “Do you WANT to have a successful relationship, overcome your fear of success, become financially secure?”  If you have the desire, you can make it happen.  I have had clients whose charts were not well suited to owning a business, and certainly there are people (myself included) whose charts suggest a lot of trouble and trauma in relationships.  But through effort, when our charts are challenged in certain areas we can still fulfill our dreams.  But it does take effort, and it often takes healing old wounds that hold us back which is not an easy process.

For example, some astrologers would say that an individual with Saturn (the lord of Karma) in the seventh house of marriage will never be married.  But I have seen clients with long-lasting happy marriages with that placement.  I myself have Venus in Scorpio square to Pluto, a terrible aspect for relationships.  And it’s true that I had a long series of disastrous relationships, true to my chart.  But thankfully I am stubborn and obstinate and I kept at it, and I have now been happily married for thirteen years.

Sometimes the very aspect in our chart that makes something difficult is itself the key to navigating that difficult process.  Saturn squaring the Sun can give a sense of failure, but it also can be successfully navigated by building endurance and strength through perseverance.  A strong Pluto in the chart does suggest that life will be full of experiences that force us to surrender and be transformed, but once we allow ourselves to let go to the winds of fate we find that we gain personal empowerment that previously evaded us.

This is the endless question of whether or not as humans we are controlled by our destiny or whether we have free will.  I believe that our destiny is the astrological chart that we were born with. Our fate is determined by the choices that we make as we live our life.  Will we simply react to the impulses of our chart, or will we make conscious choices to create a healthier and more abundant future?

Don’t let your astrological chart become your excuse.  Get to know the teachers that create the most difficult lessons, and embrace them.  Give them your attention and you will find boundless rewards as a result.



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