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Political posts, especially on the subject of the current president, can generate a lot of controversy.  As always I have tried to be as neutral as possible and focus on the astrology.  Please do the same in the comments.

Donald Trump is going through a tough time right now.  Impeachment inquiry, staff changes – it appears as though his teflon presidency is facing some bumps in the road and this is coming at a time when he is particularly astrologically sensitive, with transiting Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges, facing off in a square against his natal Chiron (emotional wounds).

Things will not get easier for him next year when both Saturn and Pluto (destruction and regeneration) hit his natal Saturn by opposition in January and February.  His Venus (relationships) is involved as well since it conjoins his natal Saturn, and his fragile alliances and partnerships (Venus) will be tested.  However, he will also have Jupiter (opportunity) and Pluto (empowerment) harmonizing with his Midheaven (career and public life) which could serve to empower him despite the challenges coming from outside.

Right now, at this exact moment, there is a New Moon in his progressed chart.  Just like a New Moon in the sky, a progressed New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon align in the progressed chart, the natal chart which evolves through time as a forecasting tool.  Progressed New Moons occur every 29 years or so and are times of shedding the past and beginning something new – they are significant times of change and evolution.

The last time Trump experienced a Progressed New Moon was in Leo back in 1990. This coincides with the time of the acquisition and renovation of the Atlantic City Taj Mahal – the greatest casino ever built in the history of the world (reflecting the Leo need for self-aggrandisement and attention).  This event led to corporate bankruptcies and a complete restructuring of Trump’s businesses to focus on branding and licensing of the Trump name.  This also marks the time of Trump’s affair with Marla Maples which ended his first marriage.

Trump’s progressed New Moon is in early Virgo in his first house of personality.  I suspect that we will begin to see some radical changes in the way that he expresses himself to the public.  Right now he is under some Jupiter (expansion, confidence) transits that will cause him to chafe under any kind of restriction (even more than he typically does with his aggressive natal Sun/Mars square.  Often with the progressed New Moon there is a releasing of something from the past in order to make way for new energies.  The fact that the progressed New Moon is in Virgo could mean that we will see a less grandiose Trump in the future, but this depends upon how he chooses to handle the adversity piled on him by both Saturn and Pluto.

This is obviously not a complete analysis of the astrological energies affecting Trump in the next year, but the progressed New Moon is an important factor to observe as we watch the next year unfold.


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