We’re heading into the shadow of the Full Moon which will be a partial lunar eclipse. (Although the Full Moon doesn’t occur until September 7, its effects will begin to make themselves known in the next day or two.) There is a lot of energy here the Moon making a tight conjunction to Uranus as the earth slips between the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, obscuring the Moon’s light. During the Full Moon emotions are often at peak intensity and the eclipse generally tends to bring unsettled issues to a crisis point where they can be activated and transformed. Often this occurs when subconscious elements break through to the conscious mind and force a resolution.

Pluto, having traveled retrograde for the past 5 months turns direct September 4, and change is inevitable. The Plutonian intensity will begin to effect changes in a way that requires surrender.

During this Pisces/Virgo Full Moon the details of everyday life (Virgo) are overcome by a magnified sense of the majesty of life and the experience of cosmic consciousness (Pisces). The eclipse will tend to obscure our awareness and bring confusion, and the tight conjunction of the Moon to Uranus will stimulate our nervous system and keep us from sleeping well. Uranus demands that we break free of patterns that are holding us back, and the emotional need for change (Uranus/Moon) will be stronger than the Virgo Sun will be comfortable with. Expect some emotional dissonance during this eclipse period, and prepare to be awakened!!

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