I’ll be adding my point of view on the upcoming March eclipse series as we get closer to the event, but meanwhile Jeffrey has written a great article on the subject:

Anticipation of eclipses tends to bring out a “sky is falling” mentality in many people, especially if the eclipse closely conjuncts the Sun in one’s natal chart. There are some doom-and-gloom websites out there — which I find irresponsible, but I also understand that the nature of consciousness has changed since old times. Astrology seems less deterministic than when a royal astrologer could predict accurately that a king would die from a head wound by a spear [although I frankly doubt that astrologers could ever make this kind of prediction – I believe most of the stories about exact predictions to be legends rather than history].

Eclipses are powerful events, indeed. Their impact lasts longer than your typical lunation, as the Sun and Moon are conjunct the Lunar Nodes. The Nodes relate to our spiritual progress, our karmic past, our fated connections with people.

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Thus, the best advice for someone who will be directly impacted by an eclipse — meaning that the Moon makes a conjunction or hard aspect to a major point in one’s chart — is to be open to whatever major overhaul your psyche requires. To fight against this energy is to court a destructive earthquake. Change will happen regardless — whether it is smooth or turbulent is, at least to some extent, under your control. Not completely under your control, because there are cosmic forces at work, gods who have their own plans for us. The best use of astrology is to understand our charts and these forces so that we can be prepared for the changes to come. This preparation requires both work and receptivity to change. The work can range from spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, shamanism) to psychotherapy and somatic practices (dance, movement) to writing in a journal or talking to a friend. Insight is not enough. One can theoretically understand that one’s intimate partnerships need illumination, but the reality of this experience often includes the opening of closets, skeletons and all; the end of relationships; the jarring introduction of new elements into one’s life. Are you open enough to accept all that the Universe wants to offer you?

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