financial astrologyAs you know if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, the collapse of the global economy was easily predicted by this and many other astrologers because of Pluto leaving expansive and optimistic Sagittarius and moving into the contraction of Capricorn.  But by the end of 2011, despite gloomy predictions, the stock market had begun to recover and the housing market was not looking as bad as it had looked before.

Mars and Saturn are both retrograde now, yet the stock market continues to rise and it does appear that durable goods orders are up and American factories are producing again, news which is providing an encouraging counterpoint to fears of European contraction following the implementation of austerity measures.

Uranus is in Aries now where it encourages us to live our best life, to find an authenticity (Uranus) that fully expresses our own individual drive (Aries).  Uranus will approach a square to Pluto in Capricorn that will peak in late spring/summer, and I believe that this will have a great impact on larger companies and corporations.  THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!  But under this astrological signature we are more likely to see the success of smaller companies that are more indivdualized (Uranus) and can adapt more quickly to changing economic situations.

If I were a financial advisor, WHICH I AM NOT, I would be very encouraged by the astrology of the next few months.  Once we get into late May and early June and the boat of Uranus/Pluto begins to rock the whole situation will become a lot more dicey and we will have to be looking at the shorter-term cycles to gain any clues.  For now, though, it appears to be safe to begin peering out of the shadows and betting on success.

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