Jill has tagged me for this game, and because she’s my sister I can’t ignore her so I’ll go ahead and join in the fun. I generally find planetary information much more interesting than me, so I’ll include a bit of my own astrology as well:

1. Once I figure out how to have the time, I’d like to be a foster mom and rehabilitate rescued golden retrievers (Venus and Mercury in the sixth house that of pets, work environment & health).

2. I am a workaholic (Mars in Capricorn and Saturn/Sun conjunction) and overachiever (ironic, since as a child I was considered an underachiever due to the Saturn/Sun insecurity).

3. My favorite thing to do in the world is dance (three planets in Libra in the 5th house).

4. I love hip hop.

5. I believe I have had past lives as a plantation mistress in North Carolina who was horrified with the plantation system, a happy peasant woman in Ireland who loved music and dance, and a monk in a fifth century monastery.

6. I think entirely too much about food and food trips (Mercury in the sixth house of the body/mind connection and Jupiter in the pleasure-seeking sign of Taurus).

7. My favorite foods are Mexican food and chocolate.

8. I thought I would hate getting older and losing my looks (three planets in Libra), but I actually really enjoy the freedom it gives me not to be vain.

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