Madison asked in the comment stream whether astrology could predict the outcome of the elections.  If you’ve been reading this column for awhile you know that it is my belief that we are not meant to predict the future.  First – we create our own future to a great extent, and therefore the future is in constant flux.  Second – if we knew the future the process that we take to get there would mean very little and it is this process that is the key to our soul’s evolution and growth.

Astrology gives us eerily accurate insight into the cycles and trends of our lives, and if we look backwards we can usually target exactly the astrological cycles that were present when specific events took place.  Looking forwards and predicting events, though, is much less accurate.  Still, astrologers attempt to do so, sometimes with great success as when back in 2000 astrologer Jacob Schwartz predicted that Al Gore would win the popular vote and lose the election.

The opposition between Uranus and Saturn that will be in effect on Election Day reflects the choice between Change (Uranus) and Experience (Saturn) that has driven this whole election cycle so far.  But now that McCain (Experience) has put Sarah Palin (Change) on his ticket, we have two sets of candidates that possess both a Change candidate and an Experience candidate.  Astrologer Ray Merriman has pointed out that several times when Saturn and Uranus were in conjunction or opposition during an election the Republican candidate won, but in all cases it was a change from the previous party.  However, history tells us that when the economy is poor the Democratic candidate wins.

In any case, the astrological signatures suggest that the election once again will not be settled on election day.  Mercury changes signs that day, moving from Libra where it is all about collaboration, to Scorpio where our thoughts become more intensified and interested in matters of power.  Scorpio also signifies things that are hidden, and perhaps ballots (Mercury) could be lost or stolen (Scorpio).   However, Pluto will form an exact sextile to Mercury that day which will encourage voters to make carefully thought out and well-researched decisions rather than act impulsively.

The Moon is void of course most of the day until 7:01 pm EST when the polls close, and it is in Capricorn where it tends to favor the Saturnian side of the equation.  The Capricorn Moon is more security-oriented and more likely to be fearful of change.

Mars in Scorpio is in exact square to Neptune, suggesting that efforts (Mars) may be wasted (Neptune) or that the outcome of those efforts are obscured and confused.  If there IS a violent act (Mars) on that day it will be a mysterious one and obscured by layers of mystery (Neptune).

Before we get too depressed, though, let me point out some positive planetary combinations in effect that day which the doom and gloom astrologers have omitted from their planetary review:  Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) will be trine Saturn and sextile Uranus, softening the challenging dynamic of the Saturn/Uranus opposition and bringing in a sense of hope and confidence that may sway the electorate more towards a balanced view of the Change/Experience dynamic.

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