Transformation 2012If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I believe that humans are mutating as we move through the portal into the Aquarian Age, and I suspect that the flood of autistic children that are incarnating now are part of that mutation.  (Here’s a link to other articles along these lines.)

Evidently I am not alone in this belief as you’ll read in this well thought-out essay by Dieter Broers:

I am convinced that we are currently in the midst of a process involving the restructuring of our neuronal networks, and that the catalyst of this process is the high solar-geomagnetic activity whose consequences are feared by so many people today.  However, all facts and findings add up to the undeniable conclusion that this evolution will for the first time in human history enable us human beings to use the enormous potential of our brains. …

Some years ago I was part of a research team that measured the brain waves of test subjects at regular intervals via EEG. We found that specific electromagnetic fields sporadically acted on the test subjects’ brains, without their being aware of this phenomenon. One of our most striking findings was that the test subjects’ brain waves could be altered via exposure of the brain to electromagnetic waves; and as if this weren’t astonishing enough, we also found that we could even control the test subjects’ brain waves using these fields. For example, the EEG frequency of a test subject with a predominant baseline frequency of 10 hertz could be increased to 12 hertz each time we exposed the subject to an exogenous 10 hertz electromagnetic field that was then increased to 12 hertz. We concluded from this that endogenous rhythms are governed by their exogenous counterparts.

These experiments convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that human cells and electromagnetic fields do in fact interact; and this may in fact be one of the primary reasons why I decided to write this book. These findings also opened my eyes to processes that were of fundamental importance for my own research in that I now had incontrovertible, empirical proof that electromagnetic fields have a direct impact on brain activity.

Broers suggests that the events that will occur around 2012, including a massive solar storm (although most scientists believe that the Solar Max which was predicted for 2012 will actually come in 2013 or 2014) will bring about alterations in consciousness.

The planet Uranus rules electromagnetic energy, and ever since Uranus entered Aries over the past few months many people are reporting what feels like elevated levels of energy.  Broers writes:  “In the run-up to 2012, knowledge is and will be the gateway to positive experience. Many people realize that some of their best and most unusual ideas have come to them on days with particularly high solar-geomagnetic activity [emphasis added].

Astrology enthusiasts will recognize that this concept is purely Uranian, and a testament to the growing influence of that planet in Aries.  Broers admits that not all electromagnetic experiences are positive as proven by the fact that electromagnetic weaponry are currently in the works.

The important thing, as I see it, is that all of us need to learn to adapt to this new energy as it will require considerably greater grounding than the experiences to which we have become accustomed.  The technology that we use is probably facilitating this adaptation, but we will need to gather as many tools into our toolkit as we can.  The elevation of consciousness often requires the death of the old ways, and we see this coming in the form of Uranus (electromagnetic awareness” in a square to Pluto (deaths and endings).






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